Uniforms to be 'uniform'?

Socks high, socks low, socks not visible, hats on sideways, variously colored under armor visible from players on the field, different color leather on their spikes, etc. At what point is the uniform not really uniform? Does it matter?

Interesting question, obviously you’ll get different responses depending upon the level people are involved at.

For me in HS summer ball, we all had to have the same pants and jersey and hat outside of that it was a mosaic of colour hats had to be worn straight on, socks could be up or down

In College we had everything uniform down to under shirts and sleeves, socks could be up or down hats could be slightly off centre, if you wanted to wear additional things like sweat bands they had to be team colour, same with spikes.

Pro ball everything was coloured to the teams colours, regardless of what you wore.

60 views and only 3 votes. So, am I to infer that most of the people on this board don’t really care how their team looks on the field?

Back when I was in Junior High School, we had to bring our uniforms to the head coach before home room for an inspection. I nearly got ill when I handed it off. :oops: Of course I double-checked my mother’s work to make sure there would be no issues with the coach. If the uniform was not clean and pressed and arranged on the hanger just so, including no salty sweat rings in the hat and no dirt rings where our sanitary socks met our cleats, we were not going to step foot between the lines that afternoon. :cry: Grass stains on the knees–unacceptable! Heaven forbid one of your stirrups or your belt was missing! Before we stepped out of the locker room, we had another player check out our uniform to make sure we would be permitted on the bus in our current condition. :shock: When we took the field or boarded the bus, the bottom edge of our pants were to be precisely positioned just below the knee. He was a real hard-ass. Our second year, we didn’t lose a game all season. Our discipline was unmatched. The equipment managers cleaned and re-touched the paint on our batting helmets before each game and this was at the Junior High level!

Did how we looked effect how we played? I think that we took everything about what we were doing seriously and with great attention to detail. Can that trait make you play better? I think so.

A player should have pride in his team and that can be shown through his uniform. Ever seen a Marine with ANYTHING wrong about his uniform? Do I say take it to that level, of course not. However, to have complete disregard for your team’s uniform is, for lack of a better term, selfish.

When we looked across the field and shirt tails are hanging out and the other team has nearly brown pants that started out being white, I think it was very telling of which team had their act together and which did not.

That is one way to look at it.
The weird thing about forums is that a poster may “think” that his post is particularly relevant or clever and expect huge response and discourse…I’ve been there all too often…I’ll post stuff from MLB that I’ve found to be “interesting and helpful” and not get more than a “nice post” response or just get it ignored altogether…it hurt my feelings for a minute…until I got to understanding how this forum works…now…I take stuff that doesn’t necessarily play here and drop it in other places where I can get the discourse/argument or opinion the post is desired to bring…
LTP is above all else a forum where kids can come and ask questions and learn about the art…and not feel put down or dumb just because they asked. We do have great and truly wonderful coaches come on and share their combined wisdom…I care about how a team takes the field…not to the extent of your Jr. High coach but I do expect a complete and clean uni.


I read your post but didn’t vote because I didn’t like any of the three responses.

When I read your second post, I immediately thought USMC protocol right out of the gate. Esprit de Corps. It does work but you have to have the right guy in charge. If he is a fraud…it will fall apart.

I’ve seen really good teams with not a lick of uniformity. Very loose.

My son’s high school team was run alot like the USMC. Nobody dared cock their hat a little sideways toward the ear. The first one that did that ended up with the hat pulled halfway down his face and plenty of expletives spit his way. Then the whole team did extra workouts and field maintenance. Tends to get people in line quickly but I wouldn’t say it made that particular kid a better ball player.

I’d have to say this is one of those things that gets given too much credit or way too much blame, depending on how the season goes.

Precisely Dino - he straightened his hat, and that was it.

I voted for the uniformity choice. However, I would prefer if the players were motivated to look and play like a team and it wasn’t demanded of them. (since people excel under different circumstances)

At my son’s HS the coach had the varsity guys vote on how the team would wear their uniforms. Majority rules. Once the decision is made, all players on all teams wear the unis the same.

Works pretty well.

As long as they don’t vote something silly like crooked hats. In a democracy of two foxes and one chicken, you can guess what’s for dinner.

No, the coach kept a veto power to overrule anything extreme