Understanding Your Body’s Natural Abilities

The human body is absolutely amazing in that it can grow, repair itself, defend itself both internally and with defensive responses externally, it can learn and respond with and without deliberate actions, and it can balance itself statically and while in motion. All of these qualities, and more, are no small feat. In fact, all of these qualities can help you develop into a decent pitcher, and more, if you can recognize these abilities and let them work for you.
Take for instance the body’s ability to grow and repair itself. When nourished properly, a lot of other things fall into place as you grow and respond to injuries. Then there’s your body’s ability to defend itself. Being startled by something in your face will have you blinking and raising your arms and hands to shield your face. If you lose your balance, the first thing that happens, usually, is to jut out your arms and hands in a posture that readies the body to cushion any fall.
The most evident form of the body’s ability to act and react is when you have a sprain or injury to a body part. Notice how the body transfers weight, attention and even motion support to other parts of the body. Limping on a sore foot is an example of the body transferring its weight to another leg, absorbing the impact of weight on the sore foot, ankle, leg, hip, etc.
When you’re learning to pitch, listen to your body’s needs and wants. Be sensitive to its messages telling you to accept or reject something. For example, if you truly want to understand how your body functions throughout the pitching cycle, watch yourself on video, if possible, playing a simple game of catch. Watch how your body sets up prior to breaking the hands, watch how and where your head is, notice how and when you break your hands, notice where your glove hand is during the throw, and last but not least watch how your throwing arm starts and completes the throw. All of these body motions are your natural progression – without coaching, without graphics, and best yet without being forced to do something that it – your body, is not ready or willing to do.
Now if you have absolutely no ability to throw, or even yet – pitch, a simple observation by a pitching coach skilled in the art of observation, will tell you. Listen to this individual and ask for a detail analysis in writing. In addition, another thing that’s really amazing about the human mind and its ability to reason – you, you will have a gut feel yourself on what you see. Again, listen to yourself.