tim lincecum is known as an undersized righty. is it because he is under 6’ tall or is it because he is 160 lbs? so would a guy 5’10 and weigh 220 pounds e considered an undersized righty?

Yes, you’d be considered undersized because of your height. Generally shorter than 6 feet is considered undersize.

if u are 6’ or above can u still be considered an undersized righty because of your weight?

yeah why not lol, im 6’2" 155lbs so i consider myself undersized due to my weight. but the height and length of my arms im not undersized but definitly in the weight department, which in my eyes is a positive right now, = more potential for velocity growth. hitting 80 on the gun at 155lbs would prlly mean some nicer numbers as i fill out and gain some muscle.

id imagine the same person a couple years older and 30 - 40lbs heavier with more experience would be throwing a little harder.

so yea anything under ehh 190lbs maybe 200lbs is undersized and anything under 6’ is undersized.