Underrated Player

Who do you guys thins is the most underrated player in the bigs?

Carl Crawford or BJ Upton

My @$$ Kaz, you say that because they are on the team you like the most. BJ Upton and Carl Crawford are highly respected baseball players. I’d say the most underrated player has got to be Jason Bay, as much as I love the Yankees this BoSock is really underrated. Everybody has been talking about how the Red Sox aren’t a playoff team without Manny but they forget what a great player Bay is. He has a decent glove and his batting numbers have been similar to Manny’s all year. That’s why I wish the deal wouldn’t have gone through because Manny - hussle = Crap and then Bay + Hussle = Top Notch player.

If you want an underrated pitchers then I would definitely say that Ray Dickey is, his record isn’t that great but his ERA is pretty good and Mariners fans don’t think he’s that great, he’s been a pretty good pitcher though.

I think its definately rick ankiel. he was a pitcher in the bigs and then all of a sudden he was horrible after being really good. he went down into the minors and became an outfielder and hes got a great glove and probably the best arm for any outfielder and hits just as many home runs as anyone else and noone talks about him at all definately the most underrated player in the bigs.

Ankiel = HGH user, that’s why nobody likes him.

Ankiel is underrated though. I wouldn’t say he has the strongest arm or the best glove. But still pretty good. He has a decent bat but he’s no Vlad, Bay or Abreu.

kaz, how can you say crawford and upton are underrated? they are both having just terrible years hitting under 270 wit no power. they are happy people even know about them.

Whoa Kaz you have to be at least near 300 like someone said before Jason Bay. Crawford and Upton aren’t close.

Bower, love the new sig. Edwar + Mo = Domination.


I love the picture of the two together. Makes me wonder if Edwar will ever pick up the cutter. He perfected that one kid with his slider but it looks more like Mo’s cutter modified. I love Edwars change but he gave up a grand salami today. Oh well he’s young. He’s a skinny bastard though but he throws it in the low 90s. Great change-up though. I wish he’d learn that cutter. Haha oh well we’ll see they got the best in the world at that pitch he could pass it along before he leaves.

Edwar’s gonna’ be a nasty relief pitcher in the future anyways, maybe he’ll be the next closer when Mariano retires.

Most underrated pitcher in the bigs is probably Zack Greinke u guys might say o he is a royals who cares no he is 6’1 175 throws mid 90s and occasionally hits 98 mph but he is stuck on the royals that y he is the most underrated pitcher.

now the most underrated player would deffinetly have to be carlos quentin of the chicago white sox hitting over 28 HRs either him or Mike Avilies of the Kansas City Royals hitting .327. and i have to just add an honorable mention to Tony Pena Jr. who was the royals short stop but PITCHED in a game and throws 91 mph with a nasty curve ball also went 1,2,3 in his first ever major league outing!

Hey louis Royals Fan? haha. Im gona have to go with matt cain, fred lewis, brian wilson… haha jk im gona go with Billingsley? idk he is terrin it up this season maybe im a little biased from him being on my fantasy team but i just dont seem to hear that much about him?

Jose Molina anyone? He may not have a top notch bat but has anyone seen how amazing he’s been behind the plate? He’s been calling great games in fact Mussina says the best he’s ever had. Also Molina has thrown out around 60% WHAT? Yeah 60%. Regardless of the bat Molina really is a great catcher. Then the my beloved Yankees go and get Pudge, tsk tsk.

Jose Molina sucks. He’s a career backup catcher who can’t hit and can’t throw. I saw him one game take a fastball to the nuts. Your just picking him because he’s a Yankee…

I am changing mine to Ryan Ludwick. His career high HR was 14 HR. And as of now he has 27. He’s a .306 hitter with career high 78 RBI’s this year. And some people wouldn’t even know who is if he wasn’t voted to an All-Star game.

Nope I’ve known him my Grandfathers an avid Cards fan talks about Ludwig all the time even before the All-Star Game.

Don’t be mad because no one agreed with your pick of Crawford and Upton. Jose Molina doesn’t “suck”. His hitting isn’t very good but he throws out a hell of a lot of guys. He has the best throwing percentage I do believe and he had a stint of playing every single game for a while while Posada was out.

He definetly doesn’t “suck”. If there weren’t 3 outfield positions Crawford and Upton wouldn’t be outfielders. Only 1 catcher per team but Molina is still a hell of a catcher.

What you said makes no sense. Or maybe im just misunderstanding it. Care to explain. Also Navarro has highest thrown out percentage I believe. Navarro has turned his career around this year.

My point is while Jose Molina doesn’t have a starting spot there are only 30 spots for him to play in MLB. If he wants a starting spot he has to be in the top 30 catchers to be a starter. Now if your an outfielder you have 90 opportunities for a starting spot. There are 3 outfield positions multiplied by 30 teams. I’m say that if you took the top 30 OF’s Crawford and Upton would be a whole differnet story. I’d say most teams have an outfielder that has a better batting average or homers and rbi’s than both. But that is just me saying I have no clue.

But these guys play phenomenal defense. Both have super strong arms. Upton whos a converted shortstop (like his brother) has adapted well to the OF. Crawford is just a speed demon

Ok if there were 90 C spots Molina would be a starter.