Under the Lights

Ok well tomorrow is my first game pitching under the lights. I usually pitch in the afternoon at like 5:45 but tomorrow will be at 8:00 p.m and the sun goes down at like 8:30 here. I will pitch this game and just wondering does pitching later at night affect any of you? (like do you seem to do better or worse?) I remember an artical that said MLB pitchers usually get into a routine of pitching at certian times and when they break out of it they do worse (don’t remember the whole thing but I’m pretty sure that’s right)

When I play all my sports I’m better at night. More calm. Even when I’m shooting hoops at night I’m better.

That’s just me, never pitched at night though.

Me too without the basketball

Woooo it was awesome having a game like that. I did alright I know I could have done better. I gave up 2 doubles and a triple and gave up 3 earned runs :frowning: . Donno how many I struck out, the guy didnt keep track and we run ruled them 14-3. I hit 2 kids I think I hurt 1 kid pretty bad cause he dropped straight to the ground and didn’t move for a while but I just kinda shrugged it off but I did feel bad. The other kid leaned into it and it just got him I kinda wanted to hit him again for leaning into it. Overall I threw a couple that people said were really hard (I think I’m getting closer to 80 but I doubt it) and the slider was alright (not good as last time but it did what I needed it to do and it got some k’s)