Uncomfortable/ Feeling Awkward

Recently I have been very uncomfortable throwing the baseball. Not just pitching but something that was as simple as playing catch just feels awkward now. I feel like as if I’m trying so hard to throw right again and its very frustrating. Who has gone through this and how should i go about getting back my consistency?

I know it may sound vague but Im just not sure whats really going on and how to really explain it.

I went threw that, and it is horrible. It was when I cam back from vacation and I had a game. I still did pretty good, but I hated the feeling. What I did was just wait it out and now I’m fine.

Hey, McCovey—don’t worry about it. A lot of pitchers go through what you’re experiencing at one time or another—sometimes nothing works, or they have some issues with their mechanics, whatever. You just might be having a problem with the latter, so my advice would be to take a look at what you’re doing. You might need to make some adjustment. But eventually it will get itself squared away. 8)

Ya I know its a mix of mechanics and me trying to do to much. (trying to hard to throw hard) . This is my first summer back to pitching live games again due to my surgery last summer. I just need to take a step back and get back to the basics but easier said than done sometimes :lol:

You can do it, McCovey—just take it one step at a time. :slight_smile:

I often have that problem, but in my weird case, as soon as its a game situation and the adrenaline is pumping I just dont even think about it. My best friend almost didnt make the baseball team because he was going through that during try outs. I guess the way to stop is to not even think about it. If only it was that easy though. Haha you just have to wait it out and try your hardest to focus on the target, not how you’re throwing. Good Luck!

I also have this problem, i injured my back and now feel very uncomfortable when I throw. I also dont throw nearly as hard. I am optimistic because i KNOW i have what it takes, i just cant get it to click :frowning: