Uncle charlie ? how to throw it

So yea John Bagonzi talks about it on his website which is a more old fashioned curve ball like sandy koufax threw

its a slow loopy curveball that breaks a lot

how do you throw a slow loopy curve like that?

Why would you want to?

If it IS like Sandy Koufax’s curve, why wouldn’t you? :shock:

He had arguably the best curveball of all time.

No disagreement about the quality of Koufax’s curveball, but it doesn’t look “slow and loopy” in the video clips I have. It looks pretty fast with late, sharp downward breaking action near the plate.

oh well I read on john bagonizi’s website its actually far superior to a normal curveball and is better idk why.


how do you throw a slow loopy curve like that?[/quote]

By not throwing a good curveball. :wink: