Unbeleivable Tourney Rules--10U--8 innings--2 consec days?

I just got the “sub-rules” for a USSSA tournament we play in 10 days.It states:“a pitcher may throw up to 4 innings in 1 day AND throw again the next day;but if he throws 4 1/3 or more in 1 day,he cannot pitch the next day.A pitcher may throw a max of 6 innings in 1 day.A pitcher may throw a total of 8 innings in 2 consecutive days,provided that he only throws 4 the first day.”----WHAT THE HELL----These kids are 10.Same rules for 9U.I am NOT a coach on this team.We have 2 good pitchers,my son being one,but of course there is the possibility of 5 games in 2 days.I will not allow my son to be abused.How do I tell the coach "he’s done?"He is good enough that he wins on mercy rule usually,and pitch count has not been a problem yet.Also—why would a sanctioning body allow this???I’m floored,guys.HELP!?

Welcome to travel ball!

If you have concerns about your son’s pitching load, talk to the coach as soon as possible to give him the most time to plan. Depending on the tournament format, your pool games may only effect seeding for the bracket rounds (as opposed to who advances to the bracket round). In that case, a team that is short on pitching might want to choose to throw in the pool games the weakest pitchers or even kids who don’t normally pitch thus saving the good pitchers for the bracket rounds.

In the long run, the coach should be developing as many pitchers as possible. When we have pitching practice, all of our players attend. We realize that not all of the players will develop into pitchers that can throw complete games. But if some of the kids can give us an inning here and there, that’s a big help at tournament time. I feel a travel team should have at least 8 pitchers.

By the way, give USSSA some credit for even having pitcher rules. Some of the other tournament sanctioning bodies (e.g. Super Series) do not impose any restrictions. They leave things entirely up to the coaches’ discretion. And we all know there are some a-hole coaches out there.

In my opinion, this kind of *&$% is the primary cause of youth arm problems.

The pros don’t do it, so why is it OK for kids?

I will not let my son (or any of my Ps) pitch more than 3 innings once a week.

I have already seen some scary stuff on another team----“My arm hurts”—and coach tells them to just do their best.My kid was asked to come help in a tourn-but they used him tentatively because he was new.We played a tourn with them last year and chose not to play for their team this season.He tried out for another team and made it.He hasn’t played much with this team yet–RAIN—but the one coach pushes his kid pretty hard at home I have heard.I just thought I would get your opinions on how to deal with it best so that I don’t come off like I’m telling him how to coach.The kid is good–so he can play for anybody in St.Louis as long as he’s playing his age level.I haven’t seen a team yet that wouldn’t be glad to have his arm on the team…so…it’s not the end of the world.He will get through the season I’m sure–I just really don’t want any tension later on.Maybe I should just bring up the number of innings and see what he says.Innings are stupid,anyway.Pitch count should really be the issue.The kid may be able to pitch 6-7 innings if he keeps his # of pitches down.I’ve been using a counter at the games to see where his kid is when he pitches.He’s been around 16-17.So–the usual 4-inning league rule would be ok.Even so-----thats 65 or so—then you do it again tomorrow???That is retarded.I’ll grab the damn kid right off the mound before I will allow that.There’s always another team.Parents get caught up in the excitement of it all and are just proud to see their kid pitch------but I got over that right away,and started paying good attention. Thanks you guys for your input so far-----anybody else’s experience would be nice.

I’d start out by asking him what he thinks of the rules himself. If he doesn’t give you an answer you like, question him more specifically about the area of your concern, and share with him the fact that it concerns you.

If he still blows off your concerns or tries to minimize them, you have to decide where to draw the line. Bottom line, how much is he going to pitch your son? Pin him down before you make any demands, find out if your concerns will be addressed.

Most coaches don’t like to be told what to do or how to use their kids, but they will normally respond positively if you tell them your concerns and allow them to consider them in making their own decisions. And while I don’t agree with the rules, even if the coach does use your son the maximum amount of innings, it shouldn’t hurt the boy this time out. Learn from it.

If necessary, you can then tell the coach you aren’t going to allow your son to pitch that much, and if he doesn’t like it, move on. But bottom line for me is find out if your sons welfare is of concern to the coach before letting the parental genie out of the bottle.

Very simply, each parent has to be accountable for insuring their son pitches within recognized guidelines (ASMI) . Hopefully the coach has each pitchers best interest in mind, but if not it’s up to you … always count pitches , and dont hesitate to have an off-field discussion with a coach if you are concerned about his approach. Personally, my kid plays on 2 teams (never again, btw !) , and I communicate with each coach prior to practices and games so they know what his maximum availability is for any given day. Have the understanding up front and there should be no problems…if there are, at least you find out right away that you need to find another team.

He just started his first game with the select team last night.His count was so low that innings shouldn’t be a problem.------He pitched a no-hitter.----7K–1BB–0 runs…15-0 after 3 innings mercy rule.The coach had another kid warmed up and Benny was gonna be done…This is why I worry,though.He is truly dominating,and if we are pressed,the coach will be tempted…We have another kid that was their ace before we came–and is very good,so he has some tools to work with.They pitched the other boy 70+ one game in 3 innings.The team Benny threw against won the select league last year.He threw 32 four-seamers–no changes–no 2-seamers,to 10 batters.He attacked the batters from the first pitch to the last and sat them down.As a matter of fact–he struck out 3 in the second inning on 9 pitches…To make a long story short and not babble on with proud parent crap,I have a damn good reason to be watchful,because Benny is a game-changer.The situation just hasn’t arisen yet,but is sure to in this tournament—especially with these rules.Thanks again,guys.You seem to be the same few people usually—So if you remember my “Thank-You” post,well there you go.You should all be proud of yourselves for your help to us thus far–it has been invaluable.One of you guys from St.louis would enjoy watching this…lol.LLWS is his goal–

Hey, proud parent crap is why we do this! lol

Hope it works out well for you. One thing that I always try to remember is that my son’s baseball career may last for 20 more years, or he might lose interest tomorrow. I try to give him the opportunity to be successful while staying out of the way of his enjoyment of the game. I leave the decision to play or not to play up to him…with a gentle nudge now and again…and just enjoy the ride while it lasts.