Unanswered posts

Should we answer posts from years gone by- meaning from the beginning
of this forum until last year?
Do those posts matter anymore- even if they are unanswered?

Maybe somebody recently has/had the same question as a post from a
while ago (2006+).
What if they read the answer to a post from years ago,
and didn’t have to make a new post asking that same question?

What do you guys think?

If you provide insight into it, yes.

If you truly have some new information to add to the discussion then go for it. But many of your recent posts have been meaningless one-liners. That’s why people are thinking you’re just trying to pad your post total.

Yes if they have good information that should be shared with others

What you say is true- I should be trying to add new information to the discussion.
What do you say then to the people who also responded to those years old posts (after I did)?

If it is something that can start a intelligent converstation then yes, but just to answer an unanswered post then no way, just a waste of time.