Was wondering what anyone does when they are having problems with the umpires strike zone. Myself along with two other guys where sitting right on the black and couldn’t get a strike for anything. Great pitches and they just wouldn’t call them (a friend on the other team even told me they looked good).

I’m just really frustrated, so I was was wondering if anyone had any tips of what to do on the mound mentally and physically.

This type of thing seems to keep happening to me too. I’ll make a pitch on the black at a key point in the game and the umpire calls it a ball. The other night, my catcher told me in the dugout that the umpire would say “nice pitch” but call it a ball even though it clearly caught black. I’m a very intense competitor so it is very difficult for me to control my actions…but I do. I manage to get over it by stopping the flow of the game. The thing I like to do is call time and relace my shoe. While I’m relacing my shoe I tell myself that I’m going to make an even better pitch this next time. Another thing you can do is POLITELY ask the umpire if the pitch missed outside. This is usually okay unless you have one of those umpires who thinks he is the star of the show.

I’ve learned a couple of things. The first is obvious: you’re much better with the umpire on your side so don’t make him mad. One little gesture in the second inning could spell trouble for the rest of the game. The second thing I learned is that if you start blaming other people for things, you are in for a ton of trouble. Everyone in the stands may know that the pitch was a strike, but if you start blaming the umpire this takes away from your mental game and ability to focus on future pitches.

Also, a good thing to do is call time and talk to your catcher. You can ask his opinion, but I always talk about what we can do to get the batter out. While it is hard to do, keep your mind on other things besides the umpire. You have to stay confident in yourself that you can do what it takes to get the hitter out.

what i usually do is call my catcher over and tell him to make sure he lets the next pitch go by him , and i bean ball the umpire…as long as he doesnt think its intentional its ok! but that usually dioesnt get the ump on your side…just helps with your fustration.

what i usually do is call my catcher over and tell him to make sure he lets the next pitch go by him , and i bean ball the umpire…as long as he doesnt think its intentional its ok! but that usually dioesnt get the ump on your side…just helps with your fustration.

Thats not nice… :frowning:

no , it is not nice.

thats pretty funny tho! haha we dared a pitcher of ours to throw it over the back stop net. thats like 50 feet up in the air! scared the sh#@ out of the batter! or we hjave the catcher set up partially behind the batter! they SH%$ bricks when they see it! ne more tips for scaring batters?

This isnt Ok. the umps are humans and can make mistakes too they arent there to make you mad but they want to call the best game they can. the umps want a good game and there arent there to screw around with you so why should you bother screwing with them. That is terrilbe sportsmanship and if I was the coach and found out you did this then theres a spot on the bench with your name on it. The Umps are there to call the game right and throwing balls at them doesnt help anything

It is terrible sportsman ship i agree and if my coach benches me for it so be it

its all part of baseball ive even seen major leaguers try bean balling batters for no particular reason , it is part of the game…its not like im gonna bean ball the umpire at full strength trying to kill him , hes got reflexes let him dodge the ball.

I’ve gotten the umpires upset occasionally… When I go up to bat and he gives the other pitcher consideribly worse pitches as called strikes, and he isnt even giving me the black, I’ll ask him, politely the first time, where that pitch caught the strike zone. If he consistently screws me, I’ve accidentily let things slip out of my mouth, like “bulls***”, or “where was that when I was on the mound”, never meant for the umpire to hear me, but they usually do. Needless to say, after that I swing the bat lol.

The best thing you can do is to avoid getting wild. Umpires will give you the benefit of the doubt if you have been around the plate all night.

As someone that has umpired, I will tell you that hitting one is a bad idea. Not only would none of the borderline calls go your way (they are human, and they do get biased), there is a good chance that I would eject the pitcher and the catcher. It is not very hard to notice a catcher completely whiffing on a pitch so it hits the ump.

As a player I was probably more like Snake. I got upset and sometimes let the umps know it. That doesn’t do much except piss off the ump. Then you have to spend the night worrying about getting tossed or not getting any calls.

As stupid as this sounds whenever the umpire makes a bad call early in the game i just try to completely let it slide maybe give a lil nod or just dont do anything at all and get right back on the mound. Umpires knowingly make mistakes and if they do make you and your able to just let it go and keep trying to put the ball in there, there is a chance they will give you that call back and then some. Just take a look at Maddux 3 years ago before the umpires had to change their zone. The umpires know he has great control and what would start as 2 or 3 inches on the corner would extent for 5 or 6 by the last few innings, all because he is around the zone. My advice to anyone dealing with this problem is to just get ahead of the hitter early. Maybe throw a few c*ck shots early in the counts then work out. You may not want to throw them down the middle but if they get you and the umpire rolling then it may help.

What an entertaining thread…
Try this…have your catcher chum up. it doesn’t always work but a few of these may just work: “Wow blue are you in for a treat tonight…man is he painting it/ or throwing smoke/ watch it dance” or “watch this breaking mess…he caused some kid to pee his britches last week”, “wow, blue, my guy has to have that pitch…he works that spot, should we move it over an inch?” All this in a way that no one else knows it’s happening, between innings, never show him up.
If you start worrying about doing dumb stuff like taking it personal or in any way going after him, you may feel better but the odds of success are way short.