Um.. Bushnell 10-12mph slow..?

So I was throwing a bullpen today and got my sister to radar gun me with my cheap Bushnell. I was low to mid 60’s on it, topping out at 71. A few months back, my pitching instructor clocked me at 78 consistently, INDOORS. Could it just be that my gun’s batteries are dying… Or what? :evil:

Everyone seems to say 7 mph or so slow. Try getting someone to gun directly behind you. We’ve compared bushnell to stalker sport this way & bushnell is only 1-2 mph slow. Think it probably picks up ball out of hand quicker if directly behind pitcher (just a few feet) as opposed to behind catcher.

Cheap tools are cheap for a reason. These days the cost of production is insignificant because most items are mass produced. A human rarely touches the product.

The real difference is in the materials…industry standards…quality control…design…

When it comes to tools…buy the best quality and don’t settle for the cheaper product. This tool is supposed to help you evaluate the progress your are making in pitching. I hate that radars have become cheap, plastic, low tech junk that anyone can afford. Having one is worse than not having one at all, period.

By the way, what kind of cell phone are you carrying and how much did it cost? :twisted:

That’s one thing I never had to worry about—radar guns. When my pitching coach wanted to time me or otherwise check my speed, he did just fine with a good stopwatch. And when he did time me, I was close to 80 MPH most of the time, and on a couple of pitches I hit 82 or thereabouts…not too shabby for this old snake-jazzer. :slight_smile:

Dinos advice is right on

Maybe the other gun was fast! :shock:

I have never heard a pitcher claim a gun records speeds that were above what was expected. It’s always the gun must be slow… :lol: