UM Baseball Camp, How It Went

The “showcase” was really cool, I really liked it, there was some good talent, nothing really GREAT GREAT, and there was some not so good at all talent…
I really liked the campus the coaches, especially coach Arteaga and Morris, they were really nice and cool. They both remember my name and everything.
Day 1 was all games. We were split into 6 teams (80 players) and Teams 1/2 played first then 3/4, and so on…The games went up into 8 pm I believe.
I was on team 2, and somehow I was chosen to pitch first to start the whole showcase. Which I was proud of. And I am pleased with my performance, THANK THE GOOD LORD, MY ARM WASN’T BOTHERING ME…
all the pitchers had to pitch 2 innings, and every inning consisted of pitching to 5 batters each no matter what. I K’d 3 or 4 I think, and only gave up I wanna say 2 or 3 solid hits. My fastball was right were I intended it to be, although I woulda wished it be higher. I sat 81-83 and touched 84,85 plenty of times on a STALKER SPORT radar gun…
Coach Morris, and Arteaga were both watching sitting behind the plate about 20 ft. back protected by a net, writing down things…
My offspeed was alright…I didnt get a good feel for my slider or my curveball in bullpen nor the game. Although I struck someone out with that slider. After the outing I had, I sat the rest of the game watching and just getting my at bats in, I batted 3 times all o-fers I made good contact on one only…
After the games we had lunch for about an hour and then we (Team 1 and Team 2) took a tour of the campus and their baseball facility by their pitcher Erick Erickson a lefty guy fresh off tommy john…I honestly fell more in love with miami and the Campus and the facility…It makes me think UM is the school I only wanna go to…In the tour we went around campus and then got to see their facility, we visited their weightroom (Which was really small) and then their meeting room, and video room then we sat and the strenght coach talked to us about how they condition and nutrition (you can ask me what he talked about if u want) and then the locker room, which i fell in love with also. It was the best ever…That was it for Saturday day 1
Day two was more for like hitters and position players, I did hit…but didn’t wanna play defense because my arm was sore, and J.D didn’t want us to risk anything…
We were split into our teams again, rotating station to station, we did the 60 yard dash, and I got a 8.6 something which is horrible, and then ultimately we got to hit live BP infront of JD and Coach morris
My hitting was not were I wanted it to be, I looked rusty…I don’t even want to talk about it.

The competition was way better then when I went to the Area Code thing…
most pitchers were 80 mph…there was one guy who threw 90 believe IDK what year he was he looked like a grown man, but whatever…

Charlton Jimerson who played there as I mentioned before, I think asked the coach how I did, and they told him
Fastball was 81-83, primary position pitcher, Below Average Curveball (Really a slider), 8.6 60 yr dash, and he wrote Needs to get better…
It kinda discouraged me a little, but it just tells me I need to get better to play there…Thats what he means right? needs to get better to be D1 ready, hes saying I’m not ready yet?
Well anyways, I’m loving my trip here, I’m enjoying every second of it…
And I clocked mid 80’s which no one was really touching, I was blowing balls by them…I’m guessing the guys I competed against are some of the best south florida kids upcoming, and I feel Im up to par with them, if not better…I’m gonna email them to foward back to them so they make sure to keep contact with me…Thats all I’m gonna write for now, as this is getting a bit too long lol…I’ll write some more things if they pop up in my head later :smiley:

So what do you think?

I’ve been reading up on a bunch of your posts about how badly you want to play at Miami, and I read this post. I just have to say that it seems to me like you’re going to take any setback that comes your way, and overcome it.

Just from these posts I can tell you are going to reach your goal, don’t let anything stop you.

Great job.

You’re a sophomore right? Honestly man you can improve and get where you want to be. If you really want to see your 60 time get faster find a good hill and do some hill sprints. I’ve shaved a second off of my time already this off-season, I’ve taken it down from 8.3 to 7.3 and I honestly believe I’ll get it around 7.0 by the time the season starts which I still have 3 months because I don’t have high school ball. And “needs to improve is the best thing you can get” you wouldn’t get any better if you would have gotten anything else.

congrats on a good camp, i hope you’re pleased.

How was coach morris’s accent??

coloradokid- thank you bro

ZW#17- Im a Junior actually, a young Junior, most are 17, I just turned 16…

undersized- man his accent was funny, he’s from carolina so I guess that’s why he sounds like that lol…I really liked him though, I definatley see him coaching me one day, him and J.D were both nice guys…he remembers me b/c he knows im the guy from Charlton Jimerson “CJ” as he calls him, so there’s the connects right there…

Honestly I think if I go there next year sitting high 80s and hitting 90,91,92 and up I got a real good chance at getting a scholly out of HS, I also need to improve my slide piece devlop my change n master a nice curveball, I got a whole year to prepare…and this time I will start training right after HS and never stop…That will equal weight loss, and more Velocity…=)
I can’t wait to come again next year and light up that radar gun…

What do you mean? I dont get this part

I love your determination and your work ethic. Keep it up. I’ll get back to your PM soon - sorry about that, JR.

Its all good Kyle B, thank you I’m glad you like my work ethic

Anybody else?

Anybody else?

just keep learning, study how your body works, go to the book store and look at core workout books. is a great site, works on almost every sport and a lot of sport specific workouts.

As far as running speed, first make sure you aren’t running while standing straight…you want your hips back. You want to start out in an athletic position and base all your movements around that. If there is one universal thing that all athletes do is they get in an athletic stance. You get in the stance by sitting your butt back a little without bending your knees. When you sit your butt back your knees will naturally bend, your upper body should have a forward lean to it so that your chest is right over your knees.

When you stand straight your hips are locked. Your hip joints are just below your waist in the pelvis area. To give your hips free range of motion you have to keep your hips back (be in an athletic stance)

Do stretches and workouts for hip adductors/abductors, glutes, hamstrings quad, calves and abs. This is where all your power comes from, keep them flexible, explosive and strong.

If you want to reach your highest potential you have to be in top shape.


Do you have a back up plan if your number 1 school choice doesn’t work out?



Do you have a back up plan if your number 1 school choice doesn’t work out?


umm, not really, I would do Fresno State, Stanford maybe, USC, SDSU, Rice, Bethune Cookman maybe because they are mostly latinos, LSU…

But really any D1 school that offers me to play for them I will select my best choice for me, If no schools offer me anything (Which I dont even like to think about). I’ll go the JUCO route, then get me a scholly to play at a good D1 school.

[quote]umm, not really, I would do Fresno State, Stanford maybe, USC, SDSU, Rice, Bethune Cookman maybe because they are mostly latinos, LSU…

Those are some big names…
Keep working hard and hopefully we’ll have a success story around here.

Dream big big guy. keep working at it. Don’t let anyone tell you it can’t happen.

Yeah I wont, I will get there to one of those “Big Names” schools one day, I don’t care if it takes 1 or 2 years at JUCO