Ulner Nerve Entrapment (elbow)

Last fall I began experiencing what I thought was just kind of a tired arm. My velocity was down and my was feeling some pain in my elbow. I continued to try to just work through it, but the elbow pain got worse and worse. It got to the point where the pinky finger and ring finger would get tingly when I threw, put my elbow on a table, wrote for a period of time, or if I held my hands above my head. I decided to shut things down for two months over the winter.

When I started throwing again, the pain was much less severe, yet it was still sort of there. I attributed the loss of arm strength to the long break off from throwing. Over the previous summer, I had logged over 150, double what I had ever done in my life. My arm felt so strong over the summer and I threw everyday. So now, my arm is getting back to the way it felt in the fall.

I have been going to the trainer at my college and I am icing and getting stim treatment daily. They think it is Ulner Nerve Entrapment. Does anybody know anything about this? What surgery is performed? Recovery Time? I am planning on seeing a specialist on this over the next few weeks if there is no improvement with the treatment ive been getting.

If you’ve ever had this problem, or know anything about it, please share any thoughts here! Thanks.

I just had surgery for this in December. So I can walk you through the process. My email is Campbellke11@yahoo.com if you ever wanna email me.

I had the same feelings. I also lost the ability to throw with much accuracy. I saw Dr. Kremcheck in Cincinnati and he diagnosed me. Make sure that it is just an ulnar nerve and not a UCL tear. The inflammation from a UCL tear can cause those symptoms due to increased pressure on the nerve. An MRI will be necessary.

I had my surgery Dec. 10th, 2010, I will get my first game action April 10th, 2011. Not to bad a timetable, but I was also a little ahead of schedule and had no real setback. I can give you more details if you like. Get in touch and I will answer any questions I can. Good luck and I hope surgery is not the answer for you.

^^^ agreed anything he cant answer feel free to email me as well Kdemorgandie@yahoo.com ---- had the ulnar transposition surgery sep of 2008