Ulnar Nerve Transposition/ Decompression surgery question

Hello all, I’m currently a juco pitcher going into his sophomore year, had elbow problems for a long time since high school, and have been pitching with it because I didn’t think it was too serious due to my velo being still up. I have learned this lesson the hard way, I barley pitched my Freshman year and played through the pain again but the pain had gotten worse and my velo has gone down, While in fall I was sitting mid 80’s and topping at 89, In season I got way down to lower 80’s.
This summer I went to go see a doctor and said it was a chronic over use injury, where my nerve was irritated and so forth. The doctor wanted me to take the conversative route this summer to take inflammatory pills and do physical therapy for 2 and a half months, and he recently told me to start throwing again since my symptoms have gotten a lot better. Recently started throwing and I seem to be having nerve issues again with tingling and elbow pain after throwing, really frustrated again because I’m having these symptoms again and might need to consider redshirting (had elbow problem since junior year of HS).I was wondering if anyone knew anything about the Ulnar Nerve Transposition Surgery if it has a good success rate of coming back and if I’m still able to come back and recover from this and still continue to advance to the next level. Sorry for the long story, but please give me some feedback and some thoughts if you guys have any experience or any thoughts on this. Thank you.