Ulna nerve out of place

what can u do if the “ulnar nerve” is out of it’s slot?

You probably need surgery.

Have you been to a doctor?

The problem is that the nerve is probably being pushed out of place with something that is structurally wrong with your elbow. That structural problem can probably only be fixed via surgery (or years of rest).

Chris, you hit the nail on the head. Ill try to elborate as I had to have mine moved while i had my UCL surgery * Tommy John. Ill try to break down in the words the doctor told me.

He said that certain pitchers sometimes will get a tingling sensation in their elbow and down to the last two fingers of their pitching hand which is caused by the Ulnar nerve. Some get this periodically some just once and others it becomes a problem. In the case of mine, it happened to me quite often but had no correlation with the surgery i had to have later. It just seemed that either when it was cold or I was throwing alot my hand would go somewhat numb which could have been caused by just simple inflamation. You could actually run your fingers over the inside of my elbow and feel it moving around which meant it was out of place. The doctor told me that without pain or much irration its something you can pitch with but surgery sometimes is the safes bet where just like my UCL surgery than can move it to a different spot in your arm.

Also im not 100 percent on this but i thought the Doctor also said that this is not as dramatic of a surgery as Tommy John as you do not have to rebuild all your arm strength.

Throw with the other arm.

i’m one of the millions that have had tj. like you, my ulnar nerve also flipped and flopped out of its slot. i was told by the surgeon who did my procedure that the nerve leaving and returning to the (forgot the actual term) groove is not a big deal, and actually quite common. the one of my left side still does it. it does cause complications DURING the actual procedure of replacing the UCL. thus, mine was permanently moved into the slot and secured with “loose tissue” that i’ve always guessed was just scar tissue. while this did make my rehabilitation longer and more painful that most… and while the outside my of right wrist is still occassionally slightly numb i’ve had no problems since.
after reading your other posts, i don’t know if you really necessitate having your little fella replaced … since numbness in your hand and a flip-flopping nerve isnt a definately red flag. IF its painful to throw, gets swollen or bruises AFTER throwing, or if you feel pain in your elbow when moving your hands over your head (example: towelling off my hair was EXTREMELY painful before i had it fixed) then you should really see a doctor. luckly, that pain can be the result of only a minor tear or fray, which the body should be able to repair on its own… either way, you should see a doc if throwing is painful and you have the symptoms i mentioned above.


If you work on the things I mentioned in the other post on your mechanics - specifically the things that help you avoid opening up the shoulders too early - you’ll put less stress on your arm.