Jake-better do some research-Hoyt Wilhem and Phil Niekro are in the hall of fame. Joe Niekro has 221 wins. Wakefiled may end up in this league he may not. He does make 4 million a year every year so Boston must be happy with him, so I dont get your dis-ing of knunkleballers.

Pros of the knuckleball:

Can be a dominating pitch.


Holding runners on base is tough
tough to catch

Pros of knuckleball pitcher on a staff:

Can be number one starter-dominating
Eats Innings
Throws off hitters timing- some times for days


Tough on catchers
Can not guarentee strikes
Can get give up huge innnings via walks


Don’t forget Wilbor Wood from the White Sox :smiley:
Woody pitched for years on top of years. He’s a Chicago treasure following in the footsteps of Hoyt (Another White Sox guy)…the Sox sure liked the K ball all through the 60’s til the 80’s.

The biggest con of the k-ball is that it’s very difficult to master. There’s a reason why there haven’t been many k-ballers in the league.

the biggest pro for having a kballer on staff is that they are normally healthy for 20+ years

the problem with knuckleballs is that most pitchers who throw them change their arm action so much from their fastball. when you do this you are asking to get crushed.

And if you talk to Dave Clark-this is the first thing he will tell you not to do! The second thing is how to hold it right. Ian.

omg did you really start a topic to call me out on knuckleballers? ok well anyway y do i need 2 do some research? youve just named 2 more people than wakefield. other than those 2 knuckleballers start callin out some more. i posted why i think there no good you dont gata defend em just cuz you wana turn your son into one. what i said is legit other than wakefield how many knuckleballers are there in the mlb right now? ya he gets 4 mill a year and i never said he wasnt good i said to become a successful knuckleballer you have to be amazingly good. and no most college teams dont want knuckleballers and im right about that and like you said the ones starving for pitching will want them, but the ones starving for pitching also wouldnt care about the velocity of a pitcher either. if you wana talk bout the topic you posted with you trying to turn your son into a knuckleballer and me sayin thats a bad idea then ok, but the topic was pros and cons of knuckleballers i dont know why you felt the need to start a completely new topic to try and make me look dumb from a past one.

I did not mean to start a new topic, I do not know how that happened. For that an apology, I thought I was adding onto a thread.

As for other famous successful Knuckleballers: Tom Candoitti, Wilbur Wood, Dutch Leonard, Bob Purkey, Eddie Rommel, Charlie Hough to name a few others that were pretty successful. Take a look at Knuckleball HQ-its full of them.

I agreed many college coaches do not want guys that can not guareentee strikes. Heck, Some dont want guys who throw under 90. There are some that will-these guys generally have staffs that were lit up the last year. Ian