Uhm two seem


I have the rotation on my two seem fastball, but it wont break…I throw it hard…but it wont move…wats the deal?


it could be your arm slot change it up or add/take off speed


ill try it thanks


Man, I love the 2-seamer, but I’ve been struggling myself to get the movement…

I’ve been working on moving my thumb up towards my indux finger… supposedly this takes some speed off it and gives it a sink… but it’s hard to control for me right now… let alone keeping it in my hand… without a thumb near the bottom of the ball I feel like it’s gonna drop outta my hand… any thought?


to keep it from falling out of your hand put ur ring finger on the other side of the ball (across from ur thumb). Hope that works for you


Yeah. It helps, but it still feel wierd not having the thmb setting a base to control the ball in your hand … Just gotta get accustomed to it, I guess…

I’ve been getting some good tailing action to my throwing arm side by holding the 2-seamer with (not across) the horsehoe part of the seams, and taking my middle finger off the seem, sliding it over toward my index a little… along with moving my thumb up the side …

IF I can get comfortable with it I think it’ll do what I want…

Did anyone see that 2-seamer that Carlos Zambrano threw Bonds last week, struck him out looking… that thing went at his knee then cut acoss the inside corner … B E A U T I F U L…


Another variation grip of the 2 seem I like is place your index and middle finger just outside the seems, and pinch them tight. Gives you a couple miles slower cause you have a tighter grip and some great sink if you can get it consistent. I threw today, my fastball was around 65 mph (ususally about 75mph). I threw 2-seems and changeups and we recorded two outs in the outfield, ground balls baby.


interesting idea centerfield2150… I’ll have to try that


I havent tried centerfields pitch in a game but when I was throwing on the side it seemed to work and stay low in the zone. Of course i will take lots of practise to master but it seems like a good pitch


try throwing with your elbow above your shoulder.


try deadening your wrist like youcan flop it around like its broken and just put as much snap and spin on it as you can think like your throwing a splitter sorta but let it kinda of roll off ur finger tips. i dunno, it breaks great for me.