UCL Surgery - Rehab

My 12 year old son had his UCL repaired (not replaced) about 3 months ago. He has been going to an occupational hand therapist a couple times a week since then and has seemed to progress well (has been working on strengthening shoulder and arm for about a month now). We just saw the surgeon this week and he can start soft toss but can’t start hitting for another month. Doc also indicated that we should see a different therapist (one that is more focused on sports). He gave a list of names and recommended one. However, I want to do my own research (there have been a couple of with communication since surgery). So I am wondering if anyone else has experience with this? What kind of therapist should he be seeing at this point (occupational, physical, sports)? What should I be looking for/questions should I be asking a potential therapist at this point? Thanks in advance!

Physics know-how can help at any level of baseball (and other sports). To assist with throwing power and protection against Tommy-John-ligament UCL damage (whether as a pitcher or infielder) I introduce to you the throwing technique called Power-Pronation (supinate-pronate). The technique was featured in the following article by SABR baseball writer Steve Krah (also introduced to MLB): https://takeoutyourscorecards.wordpress.com/2019/07/19/power-pronation-an-alternative-way-for-pitchers-to-throw