UCL surgery or not?

So… I got an MRI during my final season in college ball and got the terrible news that I had micro tears in my UCL. I was 5 - 0 at the time and my coach and I decided I would try and condition and fix some mechanical issues. I ended up pitching in the last game of the season with not much discomfort, but definitely not like I use to. Its been 7 or 8 months now and I joined a league here where I’m living. Now I find I can’t do anything with out pain, even hitting can bring pain. At 1st I was fine, I could throw with little pain at 100 % (flat ground). Then i pitched one inning in a game and with in a few throws i was in bad pain. Are there alternatives to surgery? My coach had torn his UCL when he played in AAA but he can throw now. I’ve been talking to him but just wanted to see if you all had anything to say.
Hope that wasn’t too long
Thanks in advance!

First off I’ve been there so I know how you’re feeling.

Here’s what not just one but several doctors have said to me. Because throwing a baseball is so unorthadox so are some of the major injuries case in point a UCL tear. One doctor actually said with most of the injuries to this ligament it is a certain velocity that causes the most pain as well as getting off a mound. He also said he has seen pitchers throw mid 80’s off a flatground with no pain but the minute they set foot on a mound and or try to crank up the velocity they have immense sharp pain.

I also had a coach who blew out his arm but now can throw bullpens and batting practice if he needs too but even if he was still in shape he would have no chance of ever going to the next level because of his UCL tear.

If you want to seriously play at the next level or continue playing at a high level I would suggest finding a doctor who specializes in sports injuries especially with baseball and pitchers that could take a look at your MRI and give you an educated response to some of your questions. Some of the good doctors will actually be able to lay out for you what you can and cannot do if you decide to go with surgery or just try to rehab. Hopefully this helps.

thanks man! I’ll have to look for some doc.'s pretty sure it wont be a problem finding one in NY.