UCL strain

Just got back from the doctor today, he scheduled me for an MRI and today he showed me the results. I strained my UCL, no tear. He told me not to start the interval throwing program until I don’t have any more pain…the thing is, I have no pain right now. I only feel pain after I throw about 40 pitches.

Have any of you had experience with this? I’m thinking I’ll give it 4 weeks and start the throwing program because I’m not really sure when I’ll feel no pain, if that makes sense.

Thanks guys!

I’ve never experienced ucl pain after a certain amount of pitches such as yourself but 4 weeks sounds very good. Hopefully it’s healed by then. I don’t know when you started throwing before your injury occured but sometimes when you first start up with throwing, you may experience ucl pain. Adam Eaton of the D’backs is a fine example who decided to throw through the pain (Initially out 6-8 weeks) and Greinke earlier in the year.

Good luck.

I first started getting pain about 2 weeks after I first started throwing. That was a couple months ago. I took the winter off (I was in Utah) and I probably jumped back into throwing hard too soon. I’m hoping that after 4 weeks I can start the throwing program and get back into pitching condition for tryouts up at school.