UCL sprain

Hey I am a 17 year old high school pitcher. When I began to throw in the beginning of 2016, my arm felt great. I posted a low ERA and had good velocity but near the end of the year, after pitching back to back, my elbow began to feel pain and soreness. I went to the orthopedic and he said an MRI would be the best bet. When I relieved my MRI results, he told me it was a level 1 UCL sprain which was good news for me because it was the least severe of the injury to an elbow. He said rehab would be best option and surgery would not be necessary at all. My PT has given me exercise but I still feel soreness in my elbow. Is this normal of it’s just a minion sprain? He said my mechanics are putting a lot of strsssbon you elbow to the elbow not being above my head when I plant my foot. Any advice from someone who had similar issues?

Is your orthopedic doctor trained in sports medicine? Not all orthopedics are the same, especially when it comes to a pitcher’s elbow.

Hey, I have the same exact issue. I’m also looking for answers.