UCL Rehab

I’m 16 and I fully tore my UCL last August. I found out I tore it late November and due to me flying the next month, my surgeon told me to wait on the surgery til the next month for risk of blood clots. I got the surgery in early January and am starting rehab on Tuesday. I was just wondering if anyone knew any exercises I could do while I’m doing rehab and can’t lift, to stay in shape. Thanks

Sorry to here about your injury. I just partially tore my ucl last month, so I feel your pain. You will have rehab exercises to do on your own I’m sure as well as the ones at therapy. They are much harder than I thought they would be and they are working out my shoulder and back as well. The rehab stuff should be plenty to keep you in shape until your doc clears you to do weight lifting.

Swimming lots and lots of swimming… great cardio and quick-twitch muscle benefits come from swimming ; it provides total resistance of the entire body without any heavy lifting…

One great way to help recover is rice bucket workouts. You will have to look it up on youtube all you need is a bucket of rice and plenty of exercises that help

I know this isn’t much of a rehab exercise, but after I had my surgery I rode an exercise bike and squeezed a stress ball every day at school. Just stay positive man, I was throwing in games with higher velocity in 9 months. Just keep your head up brother!

Update…My therapist has given me a lot more stuff to do with my whole body that I didn’t realize he would do. He’s having me work with my legs, shoulders, forearm, even my non-throwing arm as well as my injured arm. I start throwing next month on the 8th, so hopefully, all goes well.

Awesome to hear my friend … keep up the hard work… destiny is waiting for you.