UCL problems and pitcher's elbow

Was your UCL problem preceded by pitcher’s elbow?

I think you mean Little League Elbow, and no it wasn’t the only problem I have had so far was very minor swelling caused by my screws not completly dissinigrating (sp?) :stuck_out_tongue: I had to sit for about a week, other than that I have been completly healthy

Pitcher’s elbow (medial epicondylitis) is when the tendons attaching to the inside of the elbow are damaged. The pain is usually felt on the inside of the forearm just below the elbow. Little leaguer’s elbow is when the growth plates are damaged by the tendons pulling on the growth plates.

I was asking if you had elbow pain on the inside of the forearm before your UCL actually tore.

My roommate in college, a full-scholarship Division 1 pitcher like me and a high school draft pick (Twins), did not experience pitcher’s elbow before blowing his UCL (and subsequently having Tommy John Surgery). It just happened on one pitch (a curveball, just like Ryan) his junior year in college.

How is he doing today? Is he still with the Twins?

He never got drafted again after his senior year in high school (in 1997 when he was the 30th round draft pick for the Twins). He chose college instead of pro ball at that time because he recieved a full-Div. 1 baseball scholarship to pitch at Bradley University.

In 2000, his junior year (which was also his draft-eligible year), he was a Baseball America Top-100 prospect. (I think he was No. 99 or No. 100 that year.)

However, that spring, he suffered career-ending UCL injury.

I didnt have any pitchers elbow problems no. Ive had only one really tiny setback since surgery and that has been bone inflammation from the screws they put in. I sat out for a week but other than that I have been completly healthy. WILL NEVER WANT TO GO THROUGH SOMETHING LIKE THAT AGAIN :wink: but healthy none the less

My son turns 16 next month and is a Sophomore in HS. In 8th grade he hyperextended his right (pitching) elbow playing football and it swelled up on him. We had a it looked at and no tear or major damage was found. By spring he was fine and as an 8th grader pitched on the Freshman baseball team as well as a full season of Babe Ruth. The next fall he went out for football again and hit his elbow on a helmet and experienced a lot of pain and it swelled up again. We went to a sports Orthopedist who is the physician for the Class A WI TimberRattlers. He had an MRI done and found that there was scar tissue in the UCL, most likely from a tear the year before. After physical therapy and much discussion the Dr. felt that because he had thrown effectively in the spring and summer we should hold off on any surgery. This spring he pitched on the varsity, moved up and as a 15 year old played American Legion, and this fall played in a fall baseball league throwing 24 innings. All seems to be going good, but…

My question is this, is anyone familiar with anyone else who has pitched effectively with this type of injury. The alternative is Tommy John surgery which we would like to avoid, but he wants to play at least into college.

When I went in my my TJ, the doctor told me that the body is totally capable of healing itself and surgery is not needed in most cases. If it was a slight tear then this might be the case. If you are worried with him, I would really watch for anymore swelling or tenderness. I know with me, I had a “heavy arm” it felt like it took all my strength to lift it over my shoulder height. But the scar tissue might just be the body healing itself. My doctor told me he has seen it happy quite frequently.