UCL pain

I believe I have started noticing pain when I pitched on October 21st. I wasn’t able to put as much “umph” on the ball as I wanted, and had noticed a slight pain. I stopped and took some rest.

I resumed throwing on November 3rd, and warming up I was fine, but as soon as I started to try and put more mustard on the ball and I felt the same slight pain in my UCl yet again, I continued to throw and the pain didn’t go away nor did it get anymore painful, the slight pain just continued as it was and has been. So, I come here to ask what you guys think. I plan on making some tweaks in my delivery so I will change that, but how long should I rest? What exercises can I do to prevent any sort of major UCL damage? I need some help guys and without pitching…well I will be in a major crisis, we’ll just say that and leave it at that so I need your guys’ help.

Go get it checked out! Have a sports-medicine doctor or an orthopedist look at it. Get an MRI if you have to. It might not be anything serious, perhaps just a mild strain—or it could mean trouble ahead. In any event, don’t wait. See the doctor ASAP. 8)


You failed to tell us a lot of important information like how old you are, how much you’ve been pitching, whether or not you’ve had any time off in the last year, etc. If you’ve got an overuse type of injury, then exercise should probably be put off in favor of rest. But none of us are doctors here so Zita gave you the best advice.

I’m 18, and I basically pitched from around February to August, for the most part I pitched about once about every 4-6 days throughout the year and then September I worked lightly about once or twice a every couple of weeks or so, and then October 21st I noticed a bit of pain and then again November 3rd and so my first day of rest on November 4th it was very sore, but then November 5th it did get a lot better any time I stretched it out there was just minor soreness and not all that bad.

What would you say your conditioning, nutrition, and sleep were coming into and during the last season?

Sorry about replying late I’ve been trying to take it easy the past few days not using the computer and sort of getting away from it all, but i would say my conditioning was top notch. I never got tired on the mound, I run a lot, do a lot of boxing and what not. Nutrition was good for the most part. I would say in a typical week probably about 5 days i ate healthy food, and for 2 days some junk food. Sleep was solid for the most part I’d usually get around 6-8 hours of sleep for the most part.