UCL Issues

I began having elbow problems about a month ago after a start. There was a general soreness and minor sharp pain on the inside of my elbow. I ignored it and continued to pitch the next few weekends without doing any throwing during the week. The pain progressively got worse until I lost about 8 mph off my fastball and was unable to throw any breaking pitches (i.e. curveball and cutter). I then went to the trainer at my university and was advised to quit throwing. I rehabbed for 10 days or so but the pinch was still there. I was scheduled to get an MRI but hesitated when a couple days before the MRI was scheduled I felt no pain while playing catch on flat ground, even long toss. As soon as I attempted to throw a bullpen of a mound the pain was back but my velocity was still decent, thus leading me to believe this couldn’t be a severe UCL problem. As of now I will continue to pitch with discomfort and plan on getting an MRI at the end of the season. Has anyone had similar problems with their UCL? I guess I am just trying to figure out if my UCL is strained, slightly torn, or moderately torn without taking the full measure of getting an MRI.

It doesn’t have to be a UCL issue. It could be bone chips, bone spurs, or even nerve-related (although this is often accompanied by some tingling).

Why risk doing more damage to yourself now?

Go get it examined.

IF its a strain or something minor and you pitch through it there’s a GOOD chance you’ll injure yourself more.

Would you rather be out 4-6 weeks now or 12-18 months later?

You’ve already said you’ve lost velocity and have trouble with the off speed that right there should be enough cause for concern.

Since you’re in school you always have the option of a medical red shirt as well.

Be smart go get it examined.

Thanks for the advise guys. Although feeling better as of late, my coach strongly suggested I get the MRI. The diagnosis was a partially torn flexor tendon.

Would you recommend taking the images and getting a second opinion or is the diagnosis rather straightforward? Your opinion is much appreciated. Thanks.

We’re not doctors, but his diagnosis seems accurate given your symptoms.