UCL Injury


I am a 15 year old left handed pitcher, and during my freshman season, around late April, I was feeling discomfort in my elbow. I had went to a doctor, and I was diagnosed with a UCL strain. (he also did a x-ray on me, /!: nothing showed up) He set me out for 4-6 weeks. I went to physical therapy, and I was in a small elbow brace. Around 4 weeks for a re-evaluation, I had no success. I had an MRI done, and they said it was a small strain, and fluid. I continued to do physical therapy, and after awhile I had success, but still little pain in my elbow. I pitched towards the end of summer, and all of fall and have been pitching with a pitching coach all off season and throwing on my own. I still have a significant amount of pain on the inside of my elbow when I stretch my arm out and put pressure on it, and when I bend it back to stretch. (With pressure on it) I still don’t have much velocity, and my arm is super sore after I throw. I tend to get tingling in my fingers, I can still lift weights though. I am nervous to go back to the doctor because I don’t want to miss another season. Can somebody pleasehelp me out on what they could be a possibility that is wrong, and what could happen? Thank you.

The pain got better, but was never completely gone and still hurts.


I also have not stop pitching since I came back. Yes I know it’s stupid


You need to immediately stop all throwing and see an orthopedic doctor trained in sports medicine. I would contact Dr. Glenn Fleisig at ASMI and he will recommend the best doctors in your area. His contact info is:

Glenn S. Fleisig, Ph.D.
Research Director
(205) 918-2139