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I’m 16 and about 6 months ago I tore my growth plate and was out on 12-14 weeks of rehab and rest. After doing all I was told to do and finishing out the throwing program as asked. I came back to pitch in a showcase game and got through about 10 pitches before the sharp pain was back in my elbow. The doctors thought in my MRI the first time there might be a partial tear in my ucl but were not sure. What should be the next step

I would recommend getting a dye injected mri for more accurate and easily readable results. Several people I have played with have gotten false mri readings because they didn’t get this injection before.

You tore a growth plate and you finished out a throwing program? Who prescribed this throwing program - be specific with name and title please.

The therapist prescribed the throwing program and how would the injection change the results. I don’t know who it was.


To qualify myself, I am not qualified to coach or to evaluate youth athletics. I have no education in that specific field, nor have I ever desired to acquire the skills to involve myself in youth baseball.

However, in my travels I have experienced just enough. through observations, common language crossovers, and such, to familiarize myself with just enough to hold my own in simple conversations, and related things. Sport’s injury, common and across the board with respect to language and related topic are some of those related things that I alluded to earlier.

In the field of athletics, we’re very specific with respect to the language of injuries. In that regard, where injuries are concerned, we are very concerned with descriptive language. Take for instance the language used to describe a “minor” sprain compared to a “compound” fracture.

The reasons for telling you this is because I’m concerned with your description of your injury - as you described it… a torn growth plate.

Again, I am not qualified to evaluate youth injuries and related matters. However, as I understand it, growth plate injuries are graded in degrees of “fractures,” not tears and the like. I could be totally wrong here.

So, if you’re re-wording your injury… in other words different than what you were told, there’s a problem here trying to offer suggestions (suggestions ONLY) and the collective advice to help you. I’m also concerned with a throwing program after damaging a growth plate, regardless how small.

A very good friend of mine has a son that played very competitive hockey. Here in Western Massachusetts hockey is very much part of the nap-n-weave of everyday life for many. Any way, his son was playing in a 14 age bracket and got checked pretty hard, went down on the ice and fractured his right elbow. After a period of medical attention and non-play, he returned to the ice and after a few slap shots he’s right-handed, off the ice he came. The young man is now in his early 30’s and has some kind of restrictions in his right arm … arthritis or something like that.

These injuries that you and others experience have long ranging impacts with your quality of life as you get older. So, look to the long ranging influences on your way of life with this injury that you have now and how you take care of your body… this body is the only one you’re going to be issued , so make it last.

At 16 your medial epicondyle growth plate should be fused (closed). I find it hard to believe you tore it at 16. That’s a youth injury. What you probably injured is your UCL, which needed more treatment than 12-14 weeks of rest and therapy. A UCL injury (if that is what you have) is very serious. You need to see an orthopedic surgeon trained in sports medicine. If you don’t know one, contact Dr. Glenn Fleisig at ASMI and he will recommend one in your area. His contact info is here: http://www.asmi.org/fleisig.php

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south_paw, gave you sincere and solid advice. In fact, he went one step further than I did. I didn’t want to start naming your injury, and that’s why south_paw put in prentices (if that’s what you have.)

Again, let your parents read what south_paw and I have posted here for you.

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I have worded it wrong I meant fractured, I’m seeing an orthopedic doctor again this week

having the elbow rescanned next week if my mechanics look like there not causing the problem