Ubaldo's new and "improved" arm action

Just gross.

Does he think he will get to 95+ MPH with this delivery?

(From my latest THT article

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The real question is: can he throw strikes with it. Velocity has never been an issue for Jimenez; His trouble has been that he can’t hit the broad side of Mars.

EDIT: Seriously though, WTF is up with that arm action? It may work, it may not, but it sure ain’t pretty.

He looks injured, compensating/over-compensating…favoring…somethin…

[quote=“HuddyHuddyHoo”]The real question is: can he throw strikes with it. Velocity has never been an issue for Jimenez; His trouble has been that he can’t hit the broad side of Mars.

EDIT: Seriously though, WTF is up with that arm action? It may work, it may not, but it sure ain’t pretty.[/quote]

Oh yes it has. His velocity has declined massively over the last 3-4 years.

i n j u r e d…

Which brings to mind a comment made by a someone regarding the fact that Mark Prior continued to pitch after his shoulder was damaged…my contention is that Ubaldo here is another example…heck Bob Feller did it (Learned how to pitch differently after a shoulder incident). For Prior, one needs look no further than those unreal calf muscles…I contend that the integrity of his conditioning and assists from his lower half kept it happening until the liner broke/crushed his elbow…it appears that Ubaldo is opening way up in hopes he can develop enough leverage to keep himself at Major league competitive shape/velo

He could be hurt, but I kinda doubt that he has anything major going on. He hasn’t landed on the DL for anything even resembling serious.

I think he just had a tough time with the trade and then went nuts trying to figure out how to throw 100 MPH again.

I don’t like to prognosticate like that but add it up down down down…changed mechs that artificially leverages…hummmm, it doesn’t have to show on an mri to force compensation. I don’t know…Ifin it was me…he’d be doing a full suite with dye and I’d look real hard…and hope, hope like heck, that me hoping that, makes him see, that he’s very few inconsistent outings away from an either trip down or a full blown dl stint…if he isn’t actually hurt

Keep in mind too that after 3-4 seasons of regular starting pitching, you’re bound to see loss of velocity. That’s just regular wear and tear.

May I just say…Justin Verlander…Hoody Hooo!!!

Some do…some don’t :wink:

Maybe he is compensating but having that ugly of a delivery can’t be helping anything

Ubaldo doesn’t have to throw 96-97 mph (Colorado - 2009 - 2010) to be successful. He can be at the 90-92 mph range and be effective. How? Command of his off speed pitches, and he has a slew of them. Francona and pitching coach Mickey Calloway are doing the right thing. They are letting him use all his pitches and not trying to restrict him because of his problems with control. Is he hurt…compensating…I don’t know but he can still win 15-17 games this year with those mechanics if he gets close to 200 innings in. The Tribe will be the surprise team in the A.L. if Ubaldo can keep it together. By the way folks, Trevor Bauer gets the call on Saturday for his first major league start due to Kasmir being sent back to Cleveland for an MRI. Now if you want to talk control problems …check out Bauer, he’s pretty raw.

Ubaldo has never had stellar command, the difference for him is velocity. Besides trying to make mechanical changes midseason is detrimental to control.

The pitcher had electric stuff but couldn’t find the plate…
His delivery has nothing to do with what’s the matter with his pitching. If he’s not injured enough to go on the DL, his mechanics are altogether screwed up and he’ll have to go back to square one and learn how to pitch all over again. Which is it? :?:

Ubaldo’s next start is Monday against the Yankees at Progressive field in Cleveland. Looks like rain and 49 degrees. Maybe a win for Ubaldo “Unplugged”.

And Bauer was a trainwreck tonight against the Rays. Now there is a guy with control issues. He looks completely overwhelmed by the major leagues. Even to the point of letting a guy steal third base on him. Let’s see. He started two innings walking the bases loaded. Served up a two run jack. Had one guy steal second and then third on him. I’m guessing his mechanics have nothing to do with it.

I watched the first few innings of the Cleveland-Tampa Bay game, and here’s what’s the matter with Trevor Bauer. He pitches uphill. No wonder he was practically walking the ballpark.

Trevor is working on mechanical stuff, which is well documented. He was told he’d be in AAA and working on it, but with Kazmir hurt and Carrasco suspended, they called him up for a one-off start. It’s not surprising he had awful fastball control/command; he’s supposed to be working on that.

I’m not trying to hate on the guy. I just have to be a realist here. He was the third overall draft pick in the 2011 MLB draft. The team that picked him cast him aside like a rotten potato. His first call up results in a tough gut check. He already has detractors who I am guessing would like to see him fail. Maybe he’s got a chip on his shoulder after Cole was picked at #1. Maybe not. Maybe he’s trying too hard.

Now here is a guy that was at the top of his field in college baseball. Somehow between then and now he’s lost control of his fastball much less command. I’m just saying, what I saw last night is going to scuff up his mind until he gets back on the major league mound and proves he can throw strikes with repeatable mechanics. Tony Arnold, the Columbus Clippers pitching coach is going to have his hands full with Trevor. Either that or they dressed some Trevor Bauer look alike up in an Indians uniform last night and filed a missing persons report on him.

I will give credit to him for persevering. The home plate umpire was as bad as I’ve seen and well, everybody knows how horrible C.B. Bucknor is.

The Diamondbacks traded him for nothing because the GM is historically stupid and has made a lot of bad deals (how does that Justin Upton deal look so far?).

Additionally, Jerry DiPoto is the main guy that wanted Bauer, and DiPoto left ARI to take the GM job for the Angels. There was a known feud between DiPoto’s ideas and the player development staff.

There is a lot more to the story than “Bauer was traded for nothing and is now bad.” He’s also 23 years old and has been rushed to the big leagues. Can we give it a little bit before declaring him a bust?

I can only go by what I read and what I see. In the past, apparently he has alienated himself from people who were trying to help. At least that is the perception. For some reason, he rubs people the wrong way, people that are influential in his baseball future. That’s okay, as my dear mother would say, “You make your bed, you lay in it.”

He hasn’t been able to turn that fierce individualism into a Major League product yet but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. I’m not busting him out yet. I hear he is driven to succeed. But I also know that path is harder to go than the one that features humility and adopts a little bit of wisdom from everyone you contact along the way that has been there.

Sometimes you have to learn the hard way. His talent may eventually get him there. I’m pulling for that. Right now he reminds me of a Marine that just got his first taste of combat. He might turn out to be all right but he’s going to go through some rough times before that happens.

The turning point is going to be his next call up. He has proven that he can be very effective in MiLB. What’s his head going to be like when he gets back up to MLB? Because to me…it is all about what is going on up there.