Ubaldo Jimenez

I found a video of scott kazmir on the forums thanks to mainball, but i was wondering if there are any videos like that or even clips of Ubaldo Jimenez. anyone know of any links? furthermore i dont even know why he wasnt brought into the whole lincicum fiasco that was goin on. delivery is way easier and he throws harder.

LaTroy Hawkins and Guillermo Mota both have easy deliveries too. I wonder what’s their secret

Prolly cos lincecum looks like he is 10 and is 5’10 160 soaking wet

Mota’s secret (not a secret anymore) is steroids.

i found out the answer to the original post.

Ubaldo Jimenez is 6’4 200 pounds he is expected to throw that hard opposed to 5’10 165 where you’re not expected to throw that hard.

Anyone 6’4"+ that throws 95+ isn’t that special really. As mentioned earlier, Lincecum is only 5’10"-ish, so throwing 95+ for a guy his size definitely gets your attention.

Jimenez definitely has a lot of hip/shoulder separation and that certainly contributes to his velocity. There is a clip of him in the pitching clips forum.

Mota and Hawkins are both pretty big as well. Mota is 6’6"-210, while Hawkins is 6’5"-215.

Now imagine if Lincecum was around that same size with his same explosiveness and mechanics. He’d probably be up there with Verlander and Zumaya around 100. I don’t think anyone can argue with that.

dono if the weight helps that much he has the same sesaw delivery as lincicum just not as jerky. has actually one of the most drastic sesaws ive seen(jimenez) i think thats why he throws so hard…and no theres not one in the pitching clips of his delivery

I thought I posted one in there, but actually I posted one of Jimenez and Santiago Casilla in the Casilla thread. Here is Jimenez:

I’ll make one of Lincecum VS Jimenez later.

As far as “see-saw” this guy is the most extreme I have seen.


That was jackjeckel’s term, but what he meant by that was the extreme tilt towards 2B while moving toward the plate. See-saw isn’t a bad term for it.

hmmm when i watched in world series and playoffs his tilt look alot like the athletics guy…didnt look like that as i remember

anyone who throws the ball 95 is special

it’s all relative.

95 dont mean nothin without control

It still means something.

people get drafted for it on the idea that control will be taught.

people get drafted for it on the idea that control will be taught.[/quote]

Thats what I was thinking about in my last post.

meaning without control its nothing ya control can be taught but if it cant be learned then 95 means nothing in terms of being an amazing 95mph pitcher. your an amazing 95mph home run pitcher instead. seen tons of people in majors with 95+fastballs getting hammered because they cant control them. so ya itll get you a contract. but it wont get you greatness

exactly right. the minor leagues are full of 90+ guys that can’t pitch.

if you throw 90+ you must prove that you can’t pitch. if you throw mid 80’s you must prove that you can.

if you can’t throw 80 you better throw the knuckler.

Some guys just don’t have a second or third pitch.

Here is Lincecum VS Jimenez.