U12 Lefty Pickoff question

My son’s pitching coach has him learning a new pickoff move to second that his team’s coach says is a balk, but his pitching coach (a DivI pitcher) says is AOK. So I ask the experts…

From the stretch, he comes set, lifts his right leg (doesn’t cross the rubber) and starts moving his right foot towards home and breaks his hands. He then spins around to second for the pick. I’m wondering if this is legit or not. Thanks.

Do you have a clip of the move so we can see it? If I’m picturing it right in my head its legit and fine its the inside pickoff move rather then the outside move.

From what you are saying one thing makes it a balk, “starts moving his right foot towards home”, if he begins his motion toward home them he has committed to deliver the ball to home, anything else will be considered a balk. I’d like to have a look at it too…to make sure what you wrote is what he is doing.

If his right foot starts moving toward home and breaks his hands as he is doing so, he is committed to the plate. Balk.

Even if he doesn’t break his hands and begins to move toward home it’s a balk, what else is the pitcher going to do?

True. The hand break isn’t necessary for it to be a balk.
I was responding to the OP remark about the right foot moving toward home and breaking his hands.

You are the “go to” guys, thanks

taxidad, in the future if you could include a video it makes it even better to figure out what the issues might be…good luck

A video would really help…As long as after the leg lift the foot does not come in contact with the ground in front of the rubber it is not a balk. When I used the move when I played…I lifted up, would then come straight back down and wheel right as the toe came near to the ground….just high enough to clear the rubber.

I agree with you that if he brings the foot straight back down it’s not a balk, but his comment was “starts moving his right foot towards home and breaks his hands” the movement towards home makes it a deceptive move and therefore a balk.

Im having trouble picturing…even doing a wheel move where I can start towards home and then wheeling to pick… I’d love to see a video if this.

Seems odd but I am going with what he wrote is actually what’s happening, that is why I wanted to see some video too.

as the father of a LHP I don’t know if your money couldn’t be better spent learning something else. At U12 maybe he gets 1 or 2 baserunners a season if that and as he moves up in age and skill level the better base runners will find a tell (etc). Do a good job of holding runners a 1st base, hopefully you coach is working with the SS/2B on in-out tempo and just keeping the runner honest

You are assuming that he only gets 1-2 baserunners a season or your son only gets 1-2 a season, where do you play with such crappy hitters? Learning and working on multiple types of pickoff moves/ways to keep runners close is all part of learining the game so I would think it’s invaluable work.

HE MAY ONLY PIC OFF 1-2 BASERUNNERS AT 2ND A SEASON IF THAT. I assumed too much since older levels see fewer p/offs at 2nd. I guess and should have been more clea…

As a lefty you want him to be excellent at holding that runner at 1st learning to adjust his tempo and perhaps even a slide step, they (base runners) go on first move at first anyway and if your pick-off is solid to first your going to help you team and/or yourself more so than a move to 2nd where your timing with the 2B/SS is essential. From the OP I am of the opinion he doesnt have the benifit of his infielders to work with. Got no prob. with a lefty learning to keep them close at second by getting them to shorten up a lead but there are other things to factor in. Just a suggestion until he can get outside.