U10 warm up pitch. Analysis requested


Any comments on mechanics welcome.


He is pitching around 50 MPH and fairly accurate. I have no background on coaching his pitching. He has been tossing a small rubber football since he was 5 with great accuracy, distance, and speed. He is very passionate about pitching and I’d like to help him as best I can. Any help would be appreciated.


Find a good reputable pitching coach in the area for some private lessons. From a quick glance of a non-slow motion video I see quite a bit that needs adjusted. Since you say you have no coaching background in pitching I would suggest you get someone that has a good eye and knows what they are looking for. Many of us on here could tell you how to have him make some adjustments, but unless you know how to spot stuff on your own, to see if he is really doing it, that advice would be fairly pointless.

First comment - Why are they pitching from flat ground?

Things a pitching coach will/should tell you. Front side is a mess. (Did he just start pitching and are his current coaches try to fix?) He squats. No hip drive forward. Appears to raise foot up and out not knee up. Very late with throwing arm above head (TJ in future). Uses no core. No Drive off back side. Pendulum pitches off front leg with no upper body. More to list but it but it might just sounds like — Blah… blah… blah…

Best to him! Mechanics Mechanics Mechanics…


At 10 years old I think he looks fine. Encourage him to throw with intent. At his age I’m afraid lessons will make him mechanical & robotic. This is the age to have fun, let him have it. His body will find more efficient ways to move as he plays more.


They play at many different fields, some have no mound, some have a mound. I will try to get a new video of him with slow-motion with a real pitch. One posted was when he was warming up.

My aim at this point is to increase his accuracy and prevent injury. His coach is more focused on guys that can throw strikes consistently than speed.