U. of Miami Camps

good luck at this camp man, hope it works out for you


dade is their feeder. very good juco. you play there you are in good shape, and the beach is still right there.

did your son have a bad game or they were just that good?

Well Andy would say…no excuses they lit his butt up.
His old man would say :roll: …well he was still suffering from mono (flat out he was sick), the wind was blowing out at about 60 mph and the ump warned him he’d be ejected if he hit another batter after 1 out in the 2nd (They were standing on the plate), gave him nothing lower than belt high so his zone was about over the plate belt high…AND they lit him up :lol:
He had several very effective innings against them later in the year when it mattered much less, but it was the worst outing he ever had, I guess everyone who gets to that level and beyond has a worst day…it was #2 in the nation (NJCAA, so heck yes they are really good) that supplied it for him. It was really hard to watch…I had to turn off the camera to keep from recording my profanity for posterity :shock: :lol: :lol: :lol:
I like my sons take on it. 8)

wow, so the competition up there is good isnt it?

It’s as good as most major schools, not the elites like Miami or Fla. or Cal State Fullerton…etc. but you see guys get drafted out of the Fla. State league regularly and a whole bunch of elite d-1 schollies after they get their 2 year degree. The guy who lead off in that 1st inning for Dade (His name is Mycal Jones…you bet you’ll see that name again) he’s on a full ride with UNF right now (He drafted but too low for him). I’d say if you got it going on but your grades aren’t elite level this is one of the very best leagues goin…lots of kids come in for 2 yrs out of the Dominican to “season” and mature/adjust play in the league…really all over the state (There are over 20 of the State Schools and a great many have 1st class programs).

Class of 2010 Commitments To U of Miami:
Baseball America Top 100 HS

  1. A.J. Cole Oviedo(Fla)HS
  2. Nick Castellanos Archbishop McCarthy HS, SW Ranches Fla
  3. Yordy Cabrera Lakeland(Fla) HS
  4. Christian Yelich Westlake HS, Thousand Oaks, Calif
  5. Luke Jackson Calvary Christian HS, Clearwater, Fla
  6. Shane Rowland Tampa catholic HS

And just about all of them will have to redshirt.


Where are you at right now, velocity wise?

You are going to want to be at least 88-90 with two other plus pitches if you really intend on making it there.


You are going to want to be at least 88-90 with two other plus pitches if you really intend on making it there.[/quote]

by senior year right?

Ya by the time youre a senior, some schools will take lower than that if they think you’re projectable or you’ve shown that you can really pitch. Unless youre really good or go D3 youre probably going to red shirt your first year so they consider how much they can help you improve on top of where youre already at, it always helps being a lefty.

why do you say they will all redshirt?

to be honest with you, I throw 80 consistant and can zoom it up more at times.

It is a typical Miami recruiting class…so figure…4 year school and the Sr. class has the same quality of recruit as the frosh group. The jr. class and Soph. class…there ya go…that is the deal with top flight schools, you won’t out-class the group already there unless you are a freak…really what it does is give 5 years out of 4 which means a constant ready back up force that doesn’t eat into schollies and still has quality already vetted canidates…makes sense if you consider it.

Yeah it seems like it would be a good idea, but dont they want guys that are already ready at the level? Otherwise they’d recommend to go to a JUCO, thats what Coach Morris Told my bro when he tried out in the Walk ons

They sure do, it’s not contradictory Jr. it’s consistency, it’s how you build a world class program and continue it as a tradition. They will redshirt a big portion, keep in mind you can lose guys to injury and the MLB draft, so say you are not deep at the catching position, your back up may have to be a freshman…but like I said the majority will redshirt so he can season them, get them to understand what dedication he expects for the program and find out IF they are what he wants…again without having to mess with the scholley cash too much. I’m not saying this to discourage you, just trying to get you to understand how things work.

Yeah there is no shame in red shirting I plan on doing it, just think it’s going to give you one more year to develop and work with great coaches. Academics are also very tough and this gives you a year to get adjusted to the work load that just the academic part puts on you. It’s not a promise that you will but it is most likely going to happen especially where you’re a pitcher, generally colleges recruit a lot of pitchers in order to stay deep in that position. This will just give you a chance to impress a coach with your work ethic.

I honestly think red shirting is a good idea. I like it were, you work yo a$$ of for one season to get ready for the next with the help of great people, and go on beast mode the next season.

what do you guys think i can do, to impress the coaches in miami? they already know that i am the kid someone who played there recommended, which will probably help. but i need them to want to call, email back or something to let me know they are interested. Because i really, really wanna play at miami.

Go here http://hurricanesports.cstv.com/school-bio/mifl-staff-directory.html and e-mail or call a coach, if you decide to email understand you probably won’t hear back because they get swamped with e-mails. Try to call an assistant coach and then let them know who you are and that you are very interested in their school and program and you plan on being at their camp. If you leave a message try to be short and to the point. I know you already know this but don’t even bring up a scholarship.

One more thing if you’re not a senior the coach cannot call you back or respond to your email, if they don’t answer their phone leave a message and leave them a time and date when you will call them back.

I already emailed him, J.D Arteaga, the recruiting coordinator, and My bro’s buddy, already personally spoke to Jim Morris about me and told him I will be at his Prospect camp, so everything is settled on that.
Its just a matter of me going out there and performing. And I really want to impress them, and follow up with them.
I’m thinking they will pay attention, because someone who played there “recommended” me.