Types of Radar Guns


How trustworthy is that Rawlings sort of square radar gun that includes a stand?


Don’t think Rawlings makes a radar gun, a speed ball is all I think they have. Are you talking about that cheap Sklz thing?


Yes, it’s in the shape of a box.



Don’t think Rawlings makes that one. My guess it’s a dressed up crappy radar gun. Amazon has on their site; when you pull up it states item has a higher than normal return rate. I didn’t see a mention of range in the specs although one reviewer commented about the limited range. Not really enough reviews to make an informed decision but my guess would be to save your money for a reliable gun (Stalker, Jugs & a lot of people recommend pocket radar ball coach). If I were going to shell out 80 bucks or so I’d be looking at the Bushnell. They also have limited range although I think newer models have improved. What this means is if you get someone to gun directly behind you the speed should be very close. Further away from release the further off the speed is going to be. Personally I’d look for a used Stalker or Jugs. If you’re patient on EBay think you can get a good one in the 300 range. Good luck


Thank you