Types for arsenal

I keep changing my mind for what pitches I throw so can you guys help me.
These are i pitches I throw the best.(need 3 or 4 pitches)
1)4-seam 75-76 mph
2)2-seam 72-73 mph
3)Change 63-64 mph
4)Cutter 72-73 mph
5)Sinker 73-74 mph
6)Knuckle-curve 70-71 mph
7)Splitter 69-70 mph
8)Forkball 63-64 mph
9)Screwball 67-68 mph
10)Eephus 25-26 mph
11)Llab 67-68 mph
12)Power curve 68-69 mph

Whoa nelly!

Well, make sure you get the pitches that are less likely to hurt you and that you throw best. The eephus should only be used like once a game to confuse someone. Screwballs shouldn’t be thrown, they can hurt the arm pretty bad. In fact a story of a great screwball pitcher Carl Hubbel, he threw the screwball a whole lot as his out pitch. After Hubbel retired his palm faces upward when he rests his arm with the underside down.

Oh and what’s a Llab?

4-seam, cutter, sinker, change-up