Type of music

what type of music do u listen to?

im strictly rap… cant stand anything else… country musics just horror :shock:

I listen to everything but mostly I listen to country and rap a little rock lol

country and rap?


those r the 2 genres that just dont go together

Lol i listen to country most. Then I listen to a lot of the current rap songs that come out but they’re usually not good enough songs to last longer than a few weeks except for tupac I listen to quite a bit of his stuff that I actually like.

LOLOLOL i was just watching the “redneck” chanel on tv and there was this song with the chorus talking about how his tractor turns her on

“she think my tractor sexxxxyyyy”


She thinks my tractors sexy by Kenny Chesney

Kinda an old song

how do u relate to country musik?

Dude done be hating on country. Most of the stuff isn’t that hickish. I usually don’t listen to the ones like that. A lot of it’s about girls and I listen to a lot of patriotic songs.

u should download

stan - eminem

touchdown - t.i.

^^ current fav songs

I listen to everything. But mainly rock. Used to only listen to rap and hip-hip mostly when I was younger, but most of the mainstream rap isn’t good for listening at all, just good for grooving.

Country isn’t bad. Country + rap = Cowboy Troy.

mainstream rap is only good for grinding.

I usually listen to oldies like 50s through 70s, my favoites are the 60’s though. Sometimes I listen to 80’s or Rock or country though.

Classic rock and jazz (swing, big bands) are my favorites.

rock. Linkin park, Yellowcard

I like rock Hinder,MCR,Cartel,Daughtry
will listen occasionally to rap if its a good song (Party Like A rock Star)
I also will listen to Old Rock(ACDC,Queen,KISS,STYX)


AC/DC metalica bands like that. I also like stoned sour and children of a bodom.

A Tribe Called Quest
Steely Dan
Sound Providers
Kero One
Dead Prez
Pink Floyd
Ben Harper

Pretty much a mix of positive/conscious hip hop and classic and soft rock. I’m not sure who’s with me on this, but I can’t stand what’s on the radio right now

Mostly rock and metal, with some classic rock and a little rap my favorites are:

Def Leppard
Lynard Skynard
Papa Roach
3 Doors
50 Cent

rock is my favorite, i listen to a little bit of rap, and i listen to alot of counrty when i am with my dad. linkin park is awesome!!!

Roosterfarmer’s got some good bands, espically Mudvayne and Disturbed.

I will basically listen to anything that sounds tough :slight_smile: .
I listen to a lot of gangsta rap, heavy metal rock and some older country like Toby Keith and Tim McGraw.