Two sports

In order to get to the next level in baseball as a pitcher, should I consider giving up football and just focussing on baseball? I play quarterback for my junior varsity team, and I don’t think I will be playing for varsity anytime soon because we have a junior that is a D1 prospect. Anyway, I want to play college baseball, should I give up football so I can use that time and put it to good use?

Thank You

It is really up to you. Playing football helps keep you in shape, and many pitching coaches have their pitchers throw footballs as a training exercise.

The real question is, if you dont play football what will you do in the fall to make sure you stay in shape? And what will you do to help your arm.

You dont want to be over worked by spring time.

Well I had a similar dilemma my freshman year but eventually it worked itself out, since baseball isn’t school sponsored in Wyoming and it is played in the summer I had to pick because they won’t let you play football if you don’t go to the camps, the camps happen to be in the summer, baseball’s in the summer so I chose baseball.

Unless there’s something like that going on, you should stick with football and baseball.