Two Seamer Movement


Any tips for how to get movement on a two seam fastball? I’ve always felt my two seam was straight and never really had much movement.


How old are you?
How hard are you throwing?
What’s your arm slot? Over the top? 3/4?


Here is what you need to do.

Get the ball to rotate with this type of axis. It takes advantage of Laminar flow and will cause the ball to break arm side and down. The grip is not the same for everyone. It all depends on your release. Experiment until you get consistent spin (it’s a feel thing). You may have to hold the ball with a one seam grip, somewhat across a seam, depending on how you release it.

Kluber’s two seam:
kluber 2 seam


Pronate your hand


I am 15 with a over the top delivery. Not exactly sure how hard I throw.


I naturally pronate my hand on all my pitches besides my curveball


but when you need to pronate before release, not after


I have not seen too many 15 year old pitchers with good 2 seam movement. I believe you start to see movement on balls in high school varsity ball. As mcloven said experiment. Think about playing whiffle ball in your back yard, different rotations, different grips and different release points causes the whiffle ball to move in different directions. It is obviously much more difficult to get movement with a baseball. When warming up and playing catch play around with different grips. At longer distances it’s easier to see the movement and just the slightest difference in grip or release can make a difference.