Two Seam

Okay Im watching daisuke throw against the rays and I see him throw that tailing fastball. I have seen that a lot lately pitches that are thrown inside to the opposite hand batter and they tail into the strike zone. Is this straight up pronation or what? Ive been trying to figure this out with my two seam but cant get anything like that.

I believe its just finger pressure ,could be pronation

Yeah me too.

I’ve been trying to figure that out also.

its either one or both

Or it could either be you start posting replies that are 1)useful 2)makes sense 3)are true.

could be a combination. and some people are just born with natural movement on their fastballs. It happens

I’ve found that if I move my thumb up the index finger side of the ball it adds some sinking movement and a lot of tailing action to it so you could try that.

the question was

i said

I believe its just finger pressure ,could be pronation

its either one or both[/quote]

its either finger pressure, pronation or both used to get that movement

whos gets off easy

It’s definitely pronation, but the finger pressure can add to it. There’s a picture of Mussina floating around of his two seamer and he takes his middle finger right off the ball almost.

I saw that as well.

I tried it, eh, it doesn’t really do anything with me.

Still a regular 2 seam -.-. :?