Two-seam fastball

Dear Coach Ellis,

How would a two-seam fastball help a pitcher who has a great four-seam fastball and an excellent change-up?

What is the proper grip and delivery for the two-seam fastball?

A two-seam fastball has more “sink” than the four-seam.
It can be used to get hitters to ground out more.
The ball is held with the “horseshoe opening” pointing up.
The index and middle finger are placed on the two seams on the top of the baseball.
The two-seam fastball is thrown with the same wrist and forearm angle as the fourseam fastball.
Hope this helps…

I love the 2 seam, I get great movement on it.

I tend to have better control of my two-seam fastball,
rather than my four-seam.
Is this common?
Why would this be?

Since the 2 seamer moves I think it can move more predictably. I think I have more control of my 2 seam also and the movement really keeps batters off balance.

Depending on the pressure of your grip, or at least mine, I can control a late and small break to the left or right. Throwing a late breaking 2 seam inside is a great pitch. I tend to stick with my 4 seam FB though.

My two-seam has OK movement,
but actually, my four-seam has what I would call great movement (for a four-seam).

Why would you want movement on your 4-seam?

Don’t you want some movement on all of your pitches?
Wouldn’t a 90 mph four-seam fastball with 4-5 inches of break
be better than a 95-100 mph four-seam fastball with 0-2 inches break?
Another thing to remember,
never always throw your fastball at the same speed every pitch.
Change speeds, fool hitter with movement.