Two More Tuff Cuff Question

I am doing phase 1 and they have a lat pulldown exercise - I don’t have access to a lat pull down machine - any suggestions for a replacement exercise - (chin ups) or can I use bands to do my lat pull down (hang them from the wall or ceiling and pull them down)?

Also - I am about ready to start school and this year I am taking baseball as my PE course. We will lift and condition - I suspect this will be different from tuff cuff, but I would like to continue tuff cuff after school. Will this be a problem or if I have the option should I ask my coach if I can just take the tuff cuff book into the workout and use that as the basis for my workout?

Pullups, palms facing away from face are toughest. Palms facing face are more of a bicep workout. The tubing exercise you suggest would work, too.

I’d see if you can get your teacher to let you use TUFFCUFF as your workout in class and not do TUFFCUFF in addition to your school workouts. Or, see if you can incorporate some of TUFFCUFF that’s left out of your school workout. Working out two times a day, even with different exercises, can be tricky. You’ll want to be careful about not overworking yourself and not giving yourself enough time to recover. Remember, the recovery part of the workout is when you actually gain strength. If your body never has time to relax after a workout, you’ll just wear down.