Two Issues, short arming, and kick/body rotation

I taped about 60 deliveries yesterday and i was pretty saddened. It seems in the past month i have developed two really bad habits that i was not even aware i was doing.

  1. I am short arming pretty bad. For some reason i am taking my throwing arm straight out of my glove and bringing it up almost to the side of my head at almost a 45 degree elbow angle.

  2. I am rotating my back leg and hips towards second base as i am raising my kick. I am leading with my hip pretty well but the backwards rotation cant be good for forward momentum.

Does anyone know if one is causing the other? or perhaps something else maybe causing it? Any good ways to correct these? These two things just popped up out of the blue this last week. Ive never done it before and yet i could not stop doing it the whole day.

I’ve seen a lot of pitchers short-arm their deliveries, and I can’t see that there’s anything the matter with it. When Ed Lopat was with the Chicago White Sox he learned both the long-arm and the short-arm motions from manager Ted Lyons who was no slouch as a pitcher, and he doubled the number of pitches he had as a result. I was a sidearmer who threw with the long-arm motion, ald Lopat showed me how to adapt the short-arm motion to my delivery, so I was able to use both. You needn’t worry about it, as long as you can get the ball over for strikes.
I’m not sure what you mean by rotating your hip backwards when you start your leg kick. If it’s bothering you, it’s possible that your kick might be too high for comfort. Try lowering it a few inches and see what happens—that just might correct your perceived problem. Me, I used something close to a slide step, and I never had any problem maintaining my momentum to the plate—in fact, that slide-step enabled me to get more speed into my delivery! 8)