Two good pitches for a side arm pitcher


I through sidearm, and I want to have a good two pitch combo to make my high school team. What are two good pitches to do this with?


For a sidearm - I would say fastball, slider.


I’ve been told that a four seam for a side armer is like a slider. Am I wrong?


It can be - depends on how much your fastball moves. As a sidearm reliever, you really need two pitches. One that’s straight and one that moves (slider, curve, change). I’ve noticed many upper level guys tend to go FB/slider.


Highly recommend the 2 seam/sinker and slider combo. Both pitches have depth, but the slider breaks to the glove side while the 2 seam/sinker moves to the arm side. If you add in a 4 seam and a change up you can get really nasty with the different breaks and speed changes of all 4 pitches.