Two different palm ball grips, which one?

When I grip the Palm ball. should I open my hand and drop the ball right in the palm where it fits and then rap my fingers around it?

Or should I have it just tucked into the back of my hand touching the sides of my palm but still have some air in between my palm and the ball?

You can use either one. The important thing, as I said in an earlier post, is not to grip the ball so tightly that when you try to throw the pitch it squirts out of your hand and drops to the ground a few feet in front of you. If you want to change up on the pitch use the second grip, leaving a little air space between the palm of your hand and the ball. Either way it’s a very nice pitch. 8)


I have completely lost the feel for my changeup and your last post gives me an idea. I throw the circle change that most pro’s throw, middle and ring in the 2 seam grip with the index into a circle around the thumb and the pinky on the opposite of thsoe. Im thinking that i am putting it too far back into my hand. Should i loosen it up like my fastball?

You could try that.
I remember when I was working on the circle change and I was having a problem because my hand wasn’t quite large enough to do a complete circle on one side of the ball. Ed Lopat noticed this and suggested that I try forming a backwards “c”, a sort of half-circle, and also moving both the middle and ring finger closer together as I would do with the index and middle fingers for the slider. This served to loosen the grip somewhat, and I was able to get the pitch working quite nicely. So—try this and see what happens. I believe you’ll get the feel for your changeup back in short order. :idea: