Two Change-ups?

Would it be wise, to pick up a change up, that would make fore a total of two, because I am uncomfortable throwing a curveball (I’m not flexible enough). The change up I throw is the palmball, it just goes straight and sinks. I am thinking about using the foshball, I heard its supposed to sink and tail into righties from a RHP. Also I had heard that a screwball, could be a good alternative to a curveball, I also heard that if you throw it correctly, then it doesn’t hurt your arm too much, but it is still chancy. So, what do you guys think about having two change ups in your repertoire? the screwball probably is a terrible idea, but any comments on it? Also, and alternative pitches I could go with?

have u tried a knucklecurve at all? i know i couldnt throw a normal curve to save my life but my knucklecurve breaks really well.

I didn’t even give it a thought, I will work on it tomorrow at practice. Thanks for the suggestion, I hadn’t thought about that one.

At some point you will need to pick up a breaking ball either curve or slider. I think a forkball could suffice if you have the right hand type to throw it. Ian.

I dont have a curveball/slider either, if u have a dominant fastball and a good change you dont realy need one, i throw a straight change and knuckle. It changes the pace and the knuckle gives loads movement. I have a couple of mates that dont have a curve aswell so they work on there off speed pitches.

I have that same question about 2 change ups.

Does anyone throw two changeups? does it work?

And is it a good idea because im 14 and i dont want to throw a curve, and i have a circle change. Should i try to experiment with another change, palmball maybe ?

Don’t kid yourself, at some point you will need to pick up a breaking ball. some pitching coach will demand it, Ian.