Two appearances in one day

We have a triple header this Sunday… I’m going to start the second game and its expected that I’ll be needed for relief in the third game …

Anyone have any tips on what I should do during the 4+ hours between games?

definitly no ice, right?

I want to relax, maybe nap, but I don’t want to tighten up either?

What to eat? Drink?


It’s this kind dof cr@p that causes pitchers to get injured.

You shouldn’t pitch in the second game at all.

well, consider this … the first and second games are only 7 inning games … I’m starting the second… who knows how long I’ll last…

The third game is 9 innings and I’ll only be doing relief according to how spent I am from the second 7 inning game…

I don’t think it’s that unreasonable … any tips on what to do in the break between games?

Well, I am not really sure what to tell you since I have never had a triple header before. As far as double headers, get a jacket on your arm after the game. Go relax, drink some water, eat some carb dense foods. Just before the game (an hour or so) stretch the arm really well and start throwing from short distance. You should probably monitor yourself really well. If it doesn’t feel good when you are warming up, you might want to tell the coach that you aren’t going to pitch again.

I don’t think it matters. I still think it’s a bad idea.

If I were you, I would throw mostly change-ups and throw in a fastball every 2 or 3 pitches. Change-ups will be easier on your arm and will decrease the risk that you will injure yourself.

For the same reason many leagues don’t allow pitchers to leave the mound and re-enter to that position later , it would not be wise to pitch in game 2 and come back in during game 3 … regardless of how many innings you were to throw in game 2 .

One of the things that has always mystified me about Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken league ball is that by rule a pitcher may re-enter as a pitcher in a game where he has not been benched (i.e. playing another position), as long as it is the starting pitcher…My LL experience started with National Organization of Little League and I almost got ran from a game the first time someone whipped that little jewel out on me…I just couldn’t figure out where this could possibly be in the interest of the kid. Andrew, let me assure you that this situation will be of no benefit to you. No matter what your coach says, you will not be helping yourself if you throw in that 3rd game (Or the team if you get a sore arm…how does that help the team?) and you should tell him to go pound sand if he asks…AND DO NOT!! I repeat DO NOT!!! let him "shame’ you into it by suggesting you are less of a player, person or team-mate if you refuse.
I’ve said it before on this forum; don’t risk your future to be a hero in some insignificant league/travel team situation. If it doesn’t help you get to higher levels…well who will really care the next day. Perhaps you should suggest that your coach find anther pitcher for the 3rd game…great chance to try someone new out, maybe he should recruit harder…get a life…case aside his stinkin ego, err on the side of his kids…Really, I’ve never met this guy but he’s got to be a weasel to risk your health/future in this manner. I think I hate him…perhaps he’ll get hit by a bus before the game…attacked by rabid chipmunks…get the scurvy…we can only hope :evil:

ha… jdffromfla, nice rant there… anyway… I don’t respect the coach enough to do what he tells me … It was my idea to lend my services for a second game … in any case, I was so disgusted by the team’s play behind me in my first game that I decided it wasn’t worth going in for a second game when we were getting trounced yet again!

Well ya gotta keep in practice with that sort of thing… Never know when some goober may rear up on you.
Glad you didn’t go like that. It would have been stupid…for notta. :wink:

yes definetly keep your throwing arm warm in between games. drink gatorade and get 2 or 3 powerbars to give you some energy back and keep you from cramping up

You’re about a year and-a-half late there, buddy.

Drink accelerade it helps recover your muscles and you wont be as sore. the third game or the next day.

If your over the age of six(6), and you’ve played the game more than once, and you’ve got ambition to play anywhere in the upper ranks – college and possibly beyond… You got-a be dumb-duda-stupid to be pitching in a game …and then re-enter. I don’t care if it’s in the later innings or a double header. Your durability and dependability suffer beyond reason - not to mention to opportunity for serious injury. Your club doesn’t have certif. trainers, it doesn’t have a rehab program, it doesn’t have you signed to a multi$$$ contract, your body hasn’t matured to the point where it can sustain loads and demands of the sportv -repeatedly, and above all you do not have a coaching staff that has the professional experince and training to compliment such play.

The school, association, league that your part of collects money, fields are paid for, insurance is paid for, waivers of liability are signed, umpires are paid for, uniforms/equipment and so on is all considered part of the business of the game. No tickee-no-lanundry! No one that is part of this business would stand by and say…”ahhwwww, that’s ok”, to their part, BUT when it comes to the business of taking care of you… your well being,… it’s a “be a team player kid”,….” you don’t see anybody else complaining do you”, … “if it hurts that bad, go home!”. What’s evern worse is your volunteering to “help out”. You got to have more respect for your health and your ability to look out for number one —YOU!

So for you to anti-up with saying …”I’ll pitch for ya coach… again, and again, and again…shows me that you don’t have the brains you were born with. Give it a rest kid! Sounds a little harsh does it? It’s suppose to. If you’re not going to take better care of yourself than this you belong on the “DL” list next time your club’s roster comes out. “DL” for dead last.

Coach B.
When you have a coach that allows you or asks you to do this… direct him/them/they to this web site and ask for me directly. Even better yet have them click this web site, then e-mail me. I got some choice words I’d like to pass on. I’ve been coaching for over thirty two (32) years –up and down the amateur ladder, and I can’t remember how many promising youngsters I seen chewed up by this kind stupidity.

the old timers had a mountain dew, snickers and a cigarette. sachel page made sure he jangled when he walked.

pay close attention to your arm, you are dancing close to the edge. tendonitis and 4 to 6 weeks on the shelf are a few overextended pitches away. when you are fatigued, there is no protection for the connective tissure in your arm, it will break down quickly.

Why does everyone continue to respond to posts from 2 years ago?

This general topic area is of perennial interest to pitchers and coaches.

Even though the OP in this thread is old, pitcher overuse/abuse issues unfortunately never seem to go away.

The scenario described in OP certainly qualifies as one for concern and I guess that if it happened in '06 it could happen again in '08.

My senior year in high school I threw the first 7 innings of our game and it was 1-1. I came out and went to right field. In the 10th inning i came back in to pitch until the 13th. My pitch count was around 160 pitches if i remember right.

[quote=“laflippin”]This general topic area is of perennial interest to pitchers and coaches.

Even though the OP in this thread is old, pitcher overuse/abuse issues unfortunately never seem to go away.

The scenario described in OP certainly qualifies as one for concern and I guess that if it happened in '06 it could happen again in '08.[/quote]

Thank you!

Bad idea, especially if you are starting the second game. You are going to be pitching probably 100 pitches or so right? You are going to end up hurting yourself trying to throw the 3rd game. Its not worth it in my opinion

I wont ever again start a game pitchin… get pulled and be put back in there… First game of the season I threw 2 excellent innings and felt fresh still, coach pulled me off mound and put me back on the mound in the 6th… I could not pitch worth a crap because i was so worn out thru out the game