Twinkle Twinkle Litte Star


Twinkle twinkle litte star,
did you see a ball up thar.
Did you see those laces gleam,
a little white ball I have not seen.
It really does not seem that long ago,
I pitched that ball as white as snow.
Some say it was my best,
as my arm came out and across my chest.
A slider I do believe,
with the snap of my fingers and a ripple on my sleeve.
A slider that was just about,
to go as straight as an arrow, then down and out.
Ah, but this man wasn’t fooled at all,
as his bat made contact on this diving ball.
So if by chance you happen to see,
in the night sky this little white pea.
As round as orange, and white by sight,
streaking through the night by the star’s white light.
Stop for a moment and ask that little gem,
“Say there little fella, do you remember when?”
“ A slider once you were, one night,”
“A slider thrown with strength and such might!”
But now a bruise is on the side of your hide,
A trademark pressed in where the seams are wide.
So little ball, cruising by Saturn with rings that are so strapping,
So little ball …… “what the freak happen?”


The batter was looking for that pitch. He got it. Next time try a changeup. :roll: