Turn the head

So my pitcher turns his head as he pitches. Kind of like its glued to the shoulders, so as the shoulder turns so does the head. At set position, the head is pointed at home and the shoulders face the base. At release point, the head is almost pointed at the other base with the shoulders pointed at home. Now even though the head turns , his eyes stay on the catcher. Ever seen anything like this? Should I be concerned? Besides this , imo, his mechancis are good.

Plaz, Don’t think I can help with the answer but can’t stop trying to picture what your describing. Not sure I’m understanding what you’re saying.

I think you are saying that his nose and chin rotate with the acromial line instead of remaining locked on the target. As his shoulders rotate toward release, instead of his nose pointing at the mitt, it continues to follow his shoulder line. Am I right?


So a RHP has his head pointed at home and his chest face third at set position. Then at release point, his head is pointed almost to first base, while the chest is pointed at home plate. Same thing as what CoachP said.