Turn left ! turn left!

The youngsters that don’t live that far from me, down the street, were pulling their sleds behind them and waved hi, as I was shoveling out my driveway. We got a good dusting of snow yesterday.

“Going sledding?”, I ask, to which they said they were going to the dingle in a back of a school not far from us.

Later on that morning I decided to take my walk and include a visit to the dingle where the youngsters were sledding.

A group of youngsters and adults were all having a good time. Some adults were loading kids on sleds and toboggans, then a gentle push and off they went.

I noticed one man loading a youngster on a Flexible Flyer, then a gentle push, and away the youngster went … right down the hill and smack-dab in a swamp maple just off to the right.
The youngster bailed out just before his sled made impact.

Shortly thereafter a group of youngsters needed a push with their toboggan. The toboggan was loaded with about five of the youngsters.

Wouldn’t you just know it, again, the youngsters toboggan drifted to the right and smack-dab right into another swamp maple.

I stood there nursing a coffee for about thirty minutes and one after the other, this same man must have sent five other youngster, all from different spots on the hill mind you, into no less than four of the trees lining the right side of the dingle. I couldn’t believe this guy’s luck. And everybody took it all in stride, all having a good time.

One of the youngsters coming up the hill, walked passed me with a grin on his face and a little bark on the nose of his sled, and nodded to me as I asked him if he was ok. A woman behind me came over and took the youngster by the hand, then turned to me and said that the man over there was their Little League coach. The kids know him.

I asked the youngster if they had a good season last year, to which the youngster smiled and keep walking. The lady, I assumed was his mother, said they had fun … went 0-and 15 last year, but they had fun. Just then I heard that man yell out … TURN LEFT!!! TURN LEFT!!!..

The mother looked back at me again, took a deep breath, and said… “and that’s just about how things went last year too.”

Coach B.

I had a sledding accident once, cracked my head open when I was 8. Flew into a pile of logs like a ragdoll.