Turn and Burn


Hello, I am just starting highschool ball this year and my coach has had us do this drill called turn and burn to see how hard we throw. I was wondering if this is healthy because I have seen some websites and programs that don’t recommend it. Thanks for the feedback!


This kind of fielding drill has been around longer than I have. In and by itself from a cold start is NOT, I repeat NOT the proper way to conduct this.

Field pre-workouts are the norm, along with inspecting the field surface that players will be running over is standard stuff. Why inspect the field? running in any direction is safer with avoiding holes, toys and other items left by the public.

In addition, exercises that focus on the shoulders are usually part of the exercise routines.

By the way, some coaches - including yours truly, would use a drill like this to see who’s rested, in shape for that day’s workouts and so forth. Those players who look exhausted after a few runs out, are prime candidates for hearing … " hey scooter… meet me my office after these sessions…"


I recently started my 11 year old son working with a pitching coach that has ML experience and who is now a pitching/strength and conditioning coach in AAA. We’ve now had four sessions with him and he just now introduced the ‘Turn and Burn’ because he said that along with long toss it is the best way to improve strength and velocity. I trust him and I know he wouldn’t let my son do something potentially harmful. However, it should only be done after you’re warmed up and like with everything else not in excess. My son really likes the drill and it’s too early to tell if makes a difference but the other exercises/long toss has brought my son’s velo up a couple of clicks in the past month so proof is in the pudding.