Turf Toe (and other fun stuff)

Fun stuff indeed. Has anyone else had/have turf toe? I’ve been attempting to get my foot back to normal, and it’s getting there… slowly. Anyone have any special techniques (besides R.I.C.E) to rid yourself of this?

Seeing as this is a less than exciting thread, I guess I should share my marvelous story about my turf toe. Because, what isn’t more exciting than that?

A while back I posted a thread about kicking field goals. I usually kick barefoot due to my shoes being in terrible condition. This usually leads my kicks to go, well, anywhere else but the uprights. So I fixed it. By not using a shoe. Either way, one kick didn’t go quite as planned. Somehow I managed to kick the ball channeling all my strength (I have some decent leg power for a small guy too) into my big toe and then the ball. This jammed my toe. Badly.

I stopped kicking, I rested and iced. All the standard stuff for jamming a joint. The swelling never really went down for about a week. However, this wasn’t anything new to me. Healing swelling joints was never my body’s strong point (I’ve jammed both my big toes before and the swelling took about a week to go away). That, and I’ve never had turf toe before (you know, until now) and did not know what it was. All of that made me believe I just jammed my toe slightly worse than in the past and it would heal with another half a week. It didn’t.

To google! Instead of making a doctor’s appointment, I used google. Which is kind of like a really informed doctor, but occasionally gives really bad advice. I figured I’d snoop around for a little bit, see what I find, then make an appointment with a doctor. I found some stuff about toe injuries from a seemingly awesome resource. However, I don’t really trust just one source, so I sought out multiple sites which could provide the same information. This lead me to webMD (webMD never works. For anything. Oh, you have swollen toe? Must be cancer). Realizing this was a bad idea, I ditched webMD and went back to other doctor-y websites. All of which had about the same information on the same “common” toe injuries. After finding descriptions and pictures matching my foot injury I basically found out I was SOL and just need to wait a few weeks using the R.I.C.E system like I was already doing. Abrupt ending.

And I know what you’re thinking, “Wow, that was an awesome story full of suspense, laughs, and tears. Now, I should share my toe/foot injury here too.” So get ready to share because now is your chance. Let’s hear some good (or bad) toe/foot injury stories.

:lol: Great story I loved every part of it.

Sadly I got nothing for ya

This isn’t a foot or toe injury thing – but, I had a pitcher who use to where a normal size 10 for shoes, but when he pitched, he’d wear a size 14 wide on his stride side foot.

So, when he did his leg lift and kick, part of him (foot) looked like bozo the clown. You know those clown costume shoes.

He got away with it once for two innings then the other bench objected claiming in was an unfair distraction. I got pictures of the guy on my wall in my den. Come to think of it, he did look like a cartoon, sort-a.

Coach B.